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As you know web directories become most in Central part of the Search Engine Optimisation. In my last top 10 web directories list, I have just shared some essential web directories which give you free backlinks. There are many bloggers and fake SEO consultants which recommend web directories but most of the time they are dead link.

It’s not the easiest job to collect web directories which are of Elite level. I have spent couple of week to just found the web directories to satisfy myself and my audience. After sharing top 10 web directories list I am going to share top 20 web directories list. I hope that you will really enjoy. 20 Web Directories List

These lists are none copied and extracted from the premium tools –

Recommended | SEOProfiler | Ahrefs | Backlink Beast | EasyBacklinks | LongTailPro

I’d like to share with you my personal experience about web directories is that the list which I am sharing with you is my personal opinion which I am using right now.

20 Web Directories List

In the beginning of the plugin when I just start blogging I spend couple of hours to read SEO techniques. After reading couple of techniques and spending a lot of time in blogging. Now I am considering myself as a SEO expert, not because I am ranked, just because I get the basic knowledge which makes me unique in the search engines. 20 Web Directories List

My prescription

I think you don’t need any backlink, you don’t need any fake traffic, and in the last alexa rank doesn’t matter. You just need the basic knowledge of SEO and the best part of it which is on page Search Engine Optimisation. My blog is start leading in search engines by just improving my on page SEO techniques. 20 Web Directories List

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In my upcoming post avail must share my on page SEO techniques with you which are really effective, but if you don’t have content in the large quantity and you can’t write daily couple of articles then I will recommend you to create backlinks immediately.

I will also recommend you to use some SEO tools if you are the beginner just review them.

Recommended | SEOProfiler | Ahrefs | Backlink Beast | EasyBacklinks | LongTailPro

Website Submit

By submitting your website in these 20 web directories list, search engines will pay more attention on your website. Index your latest post and page is as soon as they can be possible. There is another fact in submitting your website in these 20 web directories list is that your search engine page rank will be increased automatically.

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These web directories are free of cost and you can easily submit your website. I am still in search of extracting some more web directories, in my future post I will share with you 43 web directories list. But for collecting this I need some time and space, so see you soon with some new web directories. 20 Web Directories List

If you have any kind of question regarding this web directories list you can ask me, if you found any web directories link will be dead please notify me, so that I can update or replace that that link with the active one. 20 Web Directories List


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