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Let’s start getting Referral Traffic and engage your readers. If you are Blogger, you need to feed the traffic to your blog, to make it survive. Each and every Blogger tries and discover multiple ways to gain more Referral traffic to the Blog. Most of the Bloggers tries to gain Organic Traffic, but mostly Bloggers fail to discover Potential of the Referral Traffic.

Most of the Bloggers shares their Monthly Traffic Report and you mostly have seen that there Organic Traffic is very high and Referral Traffic is very low. According to me you can maximize and increase your Referring Traffic also by just following few of working ways.

Tips To Get Referral Traffic

  1. Commenting on Blogs

The best way you can ever discover to gain Referral Traffic is by the Commenting. Just create list of blogs related to your niche. Then you have to spend few hours daily commenting on each of the blog. This will gain you good traffic and you can also gain some Backlinks.

The best way is to Subscribe to their Feeds and be first Commenter. Leave useful comment, so that other visitor gets attracted to visit your site. This really helps in gaining tons of the referral traffic, if done properly.

Traffic Related:

  1. Guest Posting

This is the 2nd best way to bring tons of the traffic to your Blog. To be Successful in this mission, you should try to do heavy guest posting on high traffic blogs sites, so that you can drive that traffic to your own blog also. While Guest Posting, do add catchy Author Byline and add links in it so that the viewers can land on your site.

You can Read this Blog Guest Posting Guidelines  to become Guest Author and Gain Referral Traffic.

  1. Add your Link in the Blogroll

You might have seen “Blogroll” or “Blogs I Like” Page in most of Blogs post. This is the place where blog owner exchange Blog Links for the Traffic Boost. Try to Contact the Blog Owners and ask him to add your Blog in his Blog roll and you will do the same. This method won’t let you gain good traffic, but you can gain some of decent traffic if you manage to add your Blog to more than 20+ Blog rolls.

Traffic Related:

  1. Get or Buy Ad Space

You can try to buy Ad Space on your Blog’s Sidebar if you are looking to invest money in Referral Traffic. If you are not interested in Investing then you can search for blogs that award there Readers or the Commentators with the Free Ad Banner Space. By Grabbing the Ad Space on one’s blog easily boosts your Referral Traffic status.

After following all these 4 steps seriously, I can manage to bring lots of Traffic in my Blog. You too can gain the good referral traffic by following these ways seriously.

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