5 Blog Directories List

Hello if you are worried about the indexing of your blog or website and don’t worry I have 5 blog directories that can boost your search engine signals.

Getting eyes on your blog can be extremely difficult if you are starting off fresh. A good way to get your blog out there is to submit it to blog directories. These are websites which categorize blogs under many different categories. However, they are not search engines so people cannot search for your blog on them, but they can navigate to the categories they are interested in and find it that way.

Blog Directories List

It is very hard to get quality backlinks, that’s why I am sharing these 5 blog directories which can help you to increase the social bookmarking points, and increase your search engine ranking.

The best benefit of the 5 blog directories are, whenever you post something on your blog or website they will automatically get your data from your RSS feed and give you instant one backlink.

Imagine if you will post 10 articles a day and you will approved by these 5 blog directories. Then you can get 50 free backlinks a day. As much as you will post articles on your blog or website that get popular day by day.

5 Blog Directories List

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I Hope that you really enjoy the links, happy journey to create backlinks. If you have any kind of question regarding this you can ask me and suggest me some directories which you think this should be a provide at here. Also check 40 Web Directories List – Instant Backlink Boosting


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