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656 FREE High PR Backlinks – GiveAway

Domain Category
prpowershot.com/ Find Expired Domains
moonsy.com/expired_domains/ Find Expired Domains
www.prdrop.info/expired-domains/ Find Expired Domains

List of those FREE High PR Backlinks directories which will give you 1 dollar per month hosting along with backlinks.

expertwebhost.net $1 Web Hosts
scottdalehosting.com $1 Web Hosts
hosttop.com $1 Web Hosts
3ix.org $1 Web Hosts
qxhost.com $1 Web Hosts
dohost.us $1 Web Hosts
ipage.com $1 Web Hosts
onedollarwebhosting.us $1 Web Hosts
runhosting.com $1 Web Hosts
aicheapwebhosting.com $1 Web Hosts
mytruehost.com $1 Web Hosts
datona-1.com $1 Web Hosts
errantweb.com $1 Web Hosts
hobohost.com $1 Web Hosts
1dollar-webhosting.com $1 Web Hosts
cbahost.com $1 Web Hosts
linkalone.com $1 Web Hosts
123systems.net $1 Web Hosts
hostica.com $1 Web Hosts
hostbig.com $1 Web Hosts
www.zettahost.com/1-dollar-web-hosting $1 Web Hosts
hostso.com $1 Web Hosts
hostripples.com $1 Web Hosts

List of those FREE High PR Backlinks directories which will share latest news and you can get backlinks by commenting on news articles.

technorati.com/write-for-technorati/ News-Based Article Submission
www.relevantmagazine.com/how-write-relevant News-Based Article Submission
beforeitsnews.com/editorial/ News-Based Article Submission
www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/write-for-us/ News-Based Article Submission
elitedaily.com/write/ News-Based Article Submission
nextgenmilspouse.com/write-with-us/ News-Based Article Submission
https://contributor.yahoo.com/account/ News-Based Article Submission
www.buzzfeed.com/signin News-Based Article Submission
www.newsvine.com/ News-Based Article Submission
www.denverpost.com/opinion/ci_23627980/write-us News-Based Article Submission

 List of those FREE High PR Backlinks directories which will give backlinks on listing your website.

list25.com/ Top Lists Websites
listverse.com/ Top Lists Websites
www.toptenz.net/ Top Lists Websites
www.makefive.com/ Top Lists Websites

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botw.org/ Paid Directories
www.jasminedirectory.com/ Paid Directories
www.dirjournal.com/ Paid Directories
dir.yahoo.com/ Paid Directories
joeant.com/ Paid Directories
www.skaffe.com/ Paid Directories
www.webworldindex.com/ Paid Directories
www.business.com/ Paid Directories
www.exactseek.com/ Paid Directories
www.alivedirectory.com/ Paid Directories
www.elib.org/ Paid Directories
www.familyfriendlysites.com/ Paid Directories
www.gimpsy.com/ Paid Directories
www.goguides.com/ Paid Directories
www.sevenseek.com/ Paid Directories
www.skaffe.com/ Paid Directories
www.uncoverthenet.com/ Paid Directories
www.avivadirectory.com/ Paid Directories
www.botw.org/ Paid Directories
www.chiff.com/ Paid Directories
uk.dir777.com Paid Directories
www.ezilon.com/ Paid Directories
www.haabaa.com/ Paid Directories
www.relmaxtop.com/ Paid Directories
www.qango.com/ Paid Directories
sbd.bcentral.com Paid Directories
directory.sootle.com Paid Directories
directory.v7n.com Paid Directories
www.wowdirectory.com/ Paid Directories
www.businessseek.biz/ Paid Directories
www.goongee.com/ Paid Directories
www.incrawler.com/ Paid Directories
www.link-pimp.com/ Paid Directories
www.linkopedia.com/ Paid Directories
www.search4i.com/ Paid Directories
www.site-sift.com/ Paid Directories
www.thisisouryear.com/ Paid Directories
www.umdum.com/ Paid Directories
www.vxbox.com/ Paid Directories
www.web-beacon.com/ Paid Directories
www.webs-best-directory.com/ Paid Directories
www.2yi.net/ Paid Directories
www.abilogic.com/ Paid Directories
www.allestra.com/ Paid Directories
www.anthonyparsons.com/ Paid Directories
www.arielis.com/ Paid Directories
www.axeq.com/ Paid Directories
www.beaconpost.com/ Paid Directories
www.bloggeries.com/ Paid Directories
www.bloggeries.com/ Paid Directories
www.browse8.com/ Paid Directories
www.galaxy.com/ Paid Directories
www.highstuff.com/ Paid Directories
www.hoppa.com/ Paid Directories
www.imegamall.com/ Paid Directories
www.linkcentre.com/ Paid Directories
www.searchturtle.com/ Paid Directories
www.webskyguide.com/ Paid Directories

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directory.r-tt.com/ Free Directories
www.crunchbase.com/ Free Directories
www.amray.com/ Free Directories
www.dmoz.org/ Free Directories
authoritydirectory.com/ Free Directories
www.jayde.com/ Free Directories
www.scrubtheweb.com/ Free Directories
www.somuch.com/ Free Directories
www.1abc.org/submit.php Free Directories
www.1websdirectory.com/index.html Free Directories
www.directoryworld.net/ Free Directories
www.illumirate.com/ Free Directories
www.tsection.com/ Free Directories
www.9sites.net/ Free Directories
www.businessseek.biz/ Free Directories
www.cipinet.com/ Free Directories
www.directmylink.com/ Free Directories
www.directoryfire.com/ Free Directories
www.elitesitesdirectory.com/ Free Directories
www.freewebsitedirectory.com Free Directories
www.gainweb.org Free Directories
www.mydirectorylive.com/ Free Directories
www.nexusdirectory.com/ Free Directories
www.piseries.com/ Free Directories
www.prolinkdirectory.com/ Free Directories
www.rdirectory.net/ Free Directories
www.searchsight.com/ Free Directories
www.suggest-url.net Free Directories
www.synergy-directory.com/ Free Directories
www.wwwi.co.uk/submit.php Free Directories
linkbook.pcgraphicsolutions.com/ Free Directories
links.scrabblestop.com/ Free Directories
www.10directory.com/ Free Directories
www.bestfreewebsites.net/ Free Directories
www.inteligentd.com/ Free Directories
www.linkdir.info/ Free Directories
www.linkpedia.net/ Free Directories
www.pedsters-planet.co.uk/directory/ Free Directories
www.pr3plus.com/ Free Directories
www.submission4u.com/ Free Directories
www.tech4on.com/ Free Directories
www.the-net-directory.com/ Free Directories
www.the-web-directory.co.uk/ Free Directories
www.urlmoz.com/ Free Directories
www.leadinglinkdirectory.com/ Free Directories
www.nipao.org/ Free Directories
www.seofreelinks.com/ Free Directories
www.sighbercafe.com/ Free Directories
www.suggestsite.net/ Free Directories
www.wikidweb.com/ Free Directories
xysyst.net/ Free Directories
www.answerspots.com/ Free Directories
www.amillionsites.com Free Directories
www.viesearch.com/ Free Directories
www.dir4uk.com/ Free Directories
www.prweblink.com/ Free Directories
www.seouplink.com/ Free Directories
www.directorybooks.com/ Free Directories
www.diggdirectory.com/ Free Directories
www.royallinkup.com/ Free Directories
dmoz.in.net/ Free Directories
www.addgoodsites.com/ Free Directories
www.alive-directory.com/ Free Directories
www.acedirectory.org/ Free Directories
www.bestdirectory4you.com/ Free Directories
www.one-sublime-directory.com/ Free Directories
www.activdirectory.net/ Free Directories
www.a3place.com/ Free Directories
www.abstractdirectory.net/ Free Directories
www.aweblist.org/ Free Directories
www.bedirectory.com/ Free Directories
www.adbritedirectory.com/ Free Directories
www.hotdirectory.net/ Free Directories
www.addirectory.org/ Free Directories
www.beegdirectory.com/ Free Directories
www.clicksordirectory.com/ Free Directories
www.huludirectory.com/ Free Directories
www.sublimedir.net/ Free Directories
www.poordirectory.com/ Free Directories
www.ask-directory.com/ Free Directories
www.craigslistdirectory.net/ Free Directories
www.upsdirectory.com/ Free Directories
www.bing-directory.com/ Free Directories
www.interesting-dir.com/ Free Directories
www.aquarius-dir.com/ Free Directories
www.facebook-list.com/ Free Directories
www.ebay-dir.com/ Free Directories
www.bestbuydir.com/ Free Directories
www.target-directory.com/ Free Directories
www.familydir.com/ Free Directories
www.afunnydir.com/ Free Directories
www.backpagedir.com/ Free Directories
www.exampledir.com/ Free Directories
www.lemon-directory.com/ Free Directories
www.seooptimizationdirectory.com/ Free Directories
www.domainnamesseo.com/ Free Directories
www.craigslistdir.org/ Free Directories
www.searchdomainhere.com/ Free Directories
www.mediafiredirectlink.com/ Free Directories
www.directoryanalytic.com/ Free Directories
www.linkedin-directory.com/ Free Directories
www.ecodir.net/ Free Directories
www.advancedseodirectory.com/ Free Directories
www.apeopledirectory.com/ Free Directories
www.businessfreedirectory.com/ Free Directories
www.411freedirectory.com/ Free Directories
www.reddit-directory.com/ Free Directories

 List of those FREE High PR Backlinks directories which will give you backlinks when you will register your business with them.

Google Business Directories
Bing Business Directories
Yahoo! Business Directories
Yelp Business Directories
Merchant Circle Business Directories
LinkedIn Business Directories
YellowPages.com Business Directories
Whitepages Business Directories
Supermedia Business Directories
Yellowbook Business Directories
CitySearch Business Directories
Mapquest Business Directories
Biznik Business Directories
Local.com Business Directories
Foursquare Business Directories
ThinkLocal Business Directories
CitySlick Business Directories
USYellowPages Business Directories
SuperPages Business Directories
Outside.in Business Directories
Dex Business Directories
BizJournals.com Business Directories
TeleAtlas Business Directories
JustClickLocal Business Directories
Discover our Town Business Directories
Metrobot Business Directories
EZ Local Business Directories
twibs Business Directories
LocalEze Business Directories
Kudzu Business Directories
CityVoter Business Directories
Manta Business Directories
Zipweb Business Directories
MatchPoint Business Directories
UsCity.net Business Directories
Local Site Submit Business Directories
InfoUSA Business Directories
Axciom Business Directories
Infignos Business Directories
Yellow Assistance Business Directories
Get Fave Business Directories
My Huckleberry Business Directories
GenieKnows Business Directories
MojoPages Business Directories
Brownbook Business Directories
Magic Yellow Business Directories
CitySquares Business Directories
TeleAtlas Business Directories
Navteq GPS Business Directories
Judy’s Book Business Directories

 List of those FREE High PR Backlinks directories which will share backlinks when you will submit your websites feeds in them.

blogs.botw.org Blog / RSS Directories
mykbt.com/bloggeries Blog / RSS Directories
portal.eatonweb.com Blog / RSS Directories
www.ontoplist.com Blog / RSS Directories
www.blogged.com Blog / RSS Directories
www.blogsearchengine.com Blog / RSS Directories
www.blogcatalog.com Blog / RSS Directories
www.globeofblogs.com Blog / RSS Directories
www.britblog.com Blog / RSS Directories
www.bloguniverse.com Blog / RSS Directories
www.biggerblogger.com Blog / RSS Directories
www.bloggernity.com Blog / RSS Directories
www.bloggapedia.com Blog / RSS Directories
www.spillbean.com Blog / RSS Directories
www.bloggingfusion.com Blog / RSS Directories
www.blogflux.com Blog / RSS Directories
www.bloglisting.net Blog / RSS Directories
www.blogio.net Blog / RSS Directories
www.blogdigger.com/index.html Blog / RSS Directories
www.blogpulse.com/ Blog / RSS Directories
www.blogpulse.com/submit.html Blog / RSS Directories
technorati.com/blogs/directory/ Blog / RSS Directories
www.blogarama.com/ Blog / RSS Directories
www.bloghints.com/ Blog / RSS Directories
www.allforblog.com/ Blog / RSS Directories
alltop.com/submission/ Blog / RSS Directories
www.blloggs.com/ Blog / RSS Directories
www.blogarama.com/add-a-site/ Blog / RSS Directories
www.blogadr.com/ Blog / RSS Directories
www.blogcatalog.com/blogs/submit_blog.html Blog / RSS Directories
www.blog-collector.com Blog / RSS Directories
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www.blogdire.com/ Blog / RSS Directories
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www.blogdirectory.ws/ Blog / RSS Directories
dir.blogflux.com//add.php Blog / RSS Directories
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blogs.urlz.net/ Blog / RSS Directories
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boxyblogs.com Blog / RSS Directories
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chordata.info/suggest.php Blog / RSS Directories
blogdirectory.ckalari.com/ Blog / RSS Directories
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regator.com/nominate_a_blog/ Blog / RSS Directories
www.smallbusiness.com/ Blog / RSS Directories
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sportsblogs.org/suggestion1.php Blog / RSS Directories
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theseoking.com/submit.php Blog / RSS Directories
topblogging.com/ Blog / RSS Directories
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directory.ubdaily.com/ Blog / RSS Directories
www.weblogs.com/ Blog / RSS Directories
www.websandiego.org/business/reg.php Blog / RSS Directories
www.webworldindex.com/ Blog / RSS Directories
www.wilsdomain.com/blogs/wilsdomain9b.php?op=newsubmit Blog / RSS Directories
www.wordpressblogdirectory.com/ Blog / RSS Directories
dir.yahoo.com/Computers_and_Internet/Internet/ Blog / RSS Directories
www.zimbio.com/company/bloggers Blog / RSS Directories

 List of those FREE High PR Backlinks directories which will share backlinks when you will registered and become user of them.

knowem.com/ Branded Properties
wordpress.com Web 2.0s
weebly.com Web 2.0s
wix.com Web 2.0s
sites.google.com/site Web 2.0s
tumblr.com Web 2.0s
yola.com Web 2.0s
webs.com/ Web 2.0s
webnode.com Web 2.0s
Jimdo.com Web 2.0s
zimbio.com Web 2.0s
puzl.com/ Web 2.0s
purevolume.com Web 2.0s
business.blinkweb.com/ Web 2.0s
page.tl/ Web 2.0s
Bravenet.com Web 2.0s
shutterfly.com/ Web 2.0s
poptent.net Web 2.0s
smore.com/ Web 2.0s
webjam.com Web 2.0s
livejournal.com Web 2.0s
sodmg.com Web 2.0s
zoints.com/ Web 2.0s
moonfruit.com Web 2.0s
pen.io Web 2.0s
myanimelist.net Web 2.0s
all4webs.com/ Web 2.0s
roxer.com/ Web 2.0s
octomobi.com/ Web 2.0s
beep.com/ Web 2.0s
zoho.com/wiki/ Web 2.0s
xbuild.com/ Web 2.0s
eznow.com/ Web 2.0s
journalhome.com Web 2.0s
1minutesite.co.uk Web 2.0s
ucoz.com Web 2.0s
zoints.com/ Web 2.0s
ewebsitemaker.com/ Web 2.0s
arto.com Web 2.0s
fanvsfan.com Web 2.0s
webeden.co.uk/ Web 2.0s
jux.com/ Web 2.0s
ezweb123.com/ Web 2.0s
whydowork.com Web 2.0s
singsnap.com Web 2.0s
sitew.com/ Web 2.0s
lightcms.com Web 2.0s
hpage.com Web 2.0s
puzl.com/ Web 2.0s
webstarts.com/ Web 2.0s

 List of those FREE High PR Backlinks directories which will share backlinks when you will submit CSS codes.

Css Drive CSS Submission
Creattica CSS Submission
The Best Designs CSS Submission
Site Inspire CSS Submission
Best Webgallery CSS Submission
Css Creme CSS Submission
Css Beauty CSS Submission
Edu Style CSS Submission
Designm CSS Submission
One Page Love CSS Submission
Webdesign Inspiration CSS Submission
Css Winner CSS Submission
Web Creme CSS Submission
Unmatched Style CSS Submission
101 Best Websites CSS Submission
W3csites CSS Submission
Quandt Net CSS Submission
Screen Alicious CSS Submission
Design Licks CSS Submission
Css Collection CSS Submission
Strange Fruits CSS Submission
The Design Inspiration CSS Submission
Siiimple CSS Submission
Design Bombs CSS Submission
We Love Wp CSS Submission
Pvm Garage CSS Submission
Dzine Mart CSS Submission
Make Better Websites CSS Submission
Css Light CSS Submission
Best Css CSS Submission
Css Dsgn CSS Submission
One Page Mania CSS Submission
Divine Css CSS Submission
Folio Focus CSS Submission
Css Garden CSS Submission
Q Index CSS Submission
Css Nature CSS Submission
Style The Web CSS Submission
Rgb Garden CSS Submission
The Web Based CSS Submission
Beautifully Webdesign CSS Submission
Command Shift 3 CSS Submission
Kreative Showcase CSS Submission
We Love t3 CSS Submission
Css Pandemic CSS Submission
Css Glance CSS Submission
French Design Index CSS Submission
Xhilarate CSS Submission
Css Reel CSS Submission
Css Impress CSS Submission
Webgallery Crazy leaf design CSS Submission
Web and designers CSS Submission
Css luxury CSS Submission
Cart craze CSS Submission
Css dance CSS Submission
Css loggia CSS Submission
Css fury CSS Submission
Best css vault CSS Submission
Css mix CSS Submission
Refresh style CSS Submission
Css villa CSS Submission
Css flavor CSS Submission
Good css design CSS Submission
Pixel perfect portfolios CSS Submission
Creativesden CSS Submission
Cool site collection CSS Submission
Boxed css CSS Submission
Website Gallery CSS Submission
Css showcases CSS Submission
Css bloom CSS Submission
Css ray CSS Submission
Nice one I like CSS Submission
Full single CSS Submission
Html 5 mania CSS Submission
Portfolios friend CSS Submission
Use typography CSS Submission
Css hamster CSS Submission
Fantasti css CSS Submission
Style vault CSS Submission
Css wallet CSS Submission
Css Elite CSS Submission
Css Collector CSS Submission
Css Design Yorkshire CSS Submission
Css Showcase CSS Submission
Css Down Under CSS Submission
Css Alive CSS Submission
Wanted Css CSS Submission
Minimal Ist Gallery CSS Submission
Csspark CSS Submission
Carted up CSS Submission
Web Inspeer CSS Submission
Wpglobe CSS Submission
Positive Clicks CSS Submission
Magen To Gallery CSS Submission
Procss CSS Submission
Css Showcase CSS Submission
Wow Css CSS Submission
Ccreative Web Designs CSS Submission
Css Trophy CSS Submission
Top Design Gallery CSS Submission
For All To See CSS Submission
Deweb Times CSS Submission
Designer Source CSS Submission
Folty CSS Submission
My3w CSS Submission
I kill Edapixel CSS Submission
Lemon Webawards CSS Submission
Inspiration King CSS Submission

 List of those FREE High PR Backlinks directories which will share backlinks when you will submit audio files like songs.

Sound Cloud Audio Submission
Band camp Audio Submission
Audioboo Audio Submission
Buzznet Audio Submission
Musopen Audio Submission
Archive Audio Submission
4 shared Audio Submission
Buzzsprout Audio Submission
Mobypicture Audio Submission
Sound Board Audio Submission
Muziboo Audio Submission

 List of those FREE High PR Backlinks directories which will share backlinks when you will get started with pod-casting.

podcastdirectory.com/ Podcast Submission
www.blubrry.com/ Podcast Submission
podcast411.com/ Podcast Submission
www.allpodcasts.com/ Podcast Submission
www.podcastalley.com/index.php Podcast Submission
www.podcasting-station.com/index.php Podcast Submission
applian.com/guide/ Podcast Submission
dailysplice.com/ Podcast Submission

 List of those FREE High PR Backlinks directories which will share backlinks when you will submit images.

Flickr Image Submission
Photobucket Image Submission
Twitpic Image Submission
Imgur Image Submission
Fotki Image Submission
23HQ Image Submission
Moby Picture Image Submission
Logo Softwear Image Submission
Mejuba Image Submission
Eye User Image Submission
Logo Spire Image Submission
Panoramio Image Submission

 List of those FREE High PR Backlinks directories which will share backlinks when you will submit your products.

Wishpot Product Submission
This Next Product Submission
List Ideas Product Submission
Thing Buzz Product Submission
Stuffpit Product Submission
Wishlist Product Submission
Bandjob Product Submission
Evelmerch Product Submission
Tribe Smart Product Submission
Chictini Product Submission
Boxedup Product Submission
Mintees Product Submission

 List of those FREE High PR Backlinks directories which will share backlinks when you will submit Doc or PDF files.

Issuu Doc / PDF Websites
Scribd Doc / PDF Websites
Slideshare Doc / PDF Websites
Dropbox Doc / PDF Websites
Doc Google Doc / PDF Websites
Mediafire Doc / PDF Websites
Box Doc / PDF Websites
Thinkfree Doc / PDF Websites
Youblisher Doc / PDF Websites
4 Shared Doc / PDF Websites
Yudu Doc / PDF Websites
Calameo Doc / PDF Websites
Youscribe Doc / PDF Websites
2 Shared Doc / PDF Websites
Sendspace Doc / PDF Websites
Divshare Doc / PDF Websites
Ziddu Doc / PDF Websites
Authorstream Doc / PDF Websites
Adrive Doc / PDF Websites
PDF Cast Doc / PDF Websites
Docdroid Doc / PDF Websites
Slidesnack Doc / PDF Websites
Filesnack Doc / PDF Websites
File Dropper Doc / PDF Websites
My Brainshark Doc / PDF Websites
Files Doc / PDF Websites
docspal Doc / PDF Websites
Online Print2flash Doc / PDF Websites
Pdf-Archive Doc / PDF Websites
View Docs Online Doc / PDF Websites
Free PDF Hosting Doc / PDF Websites
Knovio Doc / PDF Websites
Mirror Creator Doc / PDF Websites
Filefactory Doc / PDF Websites
Filecloud Doc / PDF Websites
Zippyshare Doc / PDF Websites
Uploadingit Doc / PDF Websites
Up for Down Doc / PDF Websites
Q share Doc / PDF Websites
Doocu Doc / PDF Websites
Nitrodocs Doc / PDF Websites
Share PDF Books Doc / PDF Websites
Filesave Doc / PDF Websites

 List of those FREE High PR Backlinks directories which will share backlinks when you will complete your profile.

https://vimeo.com/ Branded Properties
www.flickr.com/ Branded Properties
www.last.fm Branded Properties
thisorthat.com/ Branded Properties
www.plinky.com/ Branded Properties
https://audioboo.fm/ Branded Properties
dribbble.com/ Branded Properties
https://getsatisfaction.com/ Branded Properties
www.scribd.com/ Branded Properties
deviantart.com/ Branded Properties
twitpic.com/ Branded Properties
www.programmableweb.com/ Branded Properties
www.arto.com/ Branded Properties
www.sodahead.com/ Branded Properties
www.fanpop.com/ Branded Properties
www.redbubble.com/ Branded Properties
www.wattpad.com/ Branded Properties
www.dailymile.com/ Branded Properties
www.care2.com/ Branded Properties
www.mixcloud.com/ Branded Properties
www.sitejabber.com/ Branded Properties
www.buzzillions.com/ Branded Properties
www.clashe.com/ Branded Properties
sutros.com/ Branded Properties
www.stuffpit.com/ Branded Properties
www.43things.com/ Branded Properties
www.culinate.com/ Branded Properties
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