Pattern Libraries

Hey guys welcome to the Adobe illustrator tutorials. In this Article we’ll be discussing about illustrator pattern libraries. I used to make different patterns manually but in industry you get very simplified textures and varieties of texture, so let’s see.

Pattern Libraries

We’ll go to Windows then swatch libraries and in switch library you can see patterns.Pattern Libraries

Swatch Libraries & PatternsPattern Libraries

In patterns, you get three options. Basic graphic, Decorative, and Natural.Pattern Libraries

So in basic, you get basic graphic, dots lines, and textures.Pattern Libraries

In natural you get animal skin, and foliage.Pattern Libraries

So I have opened all these options here.

Like texturedPattern Libraries

The linesPattern Libraries

The skinPattern Libraries

The DotsPattern Libraries

And legacyPattern Libraries

So let’s try and understand these effects.
First you may need to select this graphic and let’s apply something. For example, apply from the dots panel. Let’s apply some small dots, So you can get a cool design, like checks dots.Pattern Libraries

If you go to lines, you will get some different varieties of lines and if you go to legacy, you get some textures of different forms like love texture.Pattern Libraries

Let check other textures. Here you get another form of texture, you can use by using them. If you want some other ones, you can select them, even apply the animal textures on these graphics. You can see this graphic is looking really realistic.Pattern Libraries

You can use these kind of texture anywhere. I have used these graphics, for fashion graphic designs. Which are originally from the adobe illustrator.

You can even make your own graphic and use them for your own graphic designs even that you can sell them online or offer them on the freelancer platforms.

I hope that you like this tutorial, must watch the video for the further clarification. Because I have implement the whole procedure in the video tutorial which will clear your all quires about these steps.

watch video

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