Android Studio Project Structure

Hey guys, today I will tell you about Android Studio Project Structure. When any beginners start Android development and download Android studio to get started with that, I can bet beginner are not sure how to use Android studio.

But if you are not beginner and have your own android application then did you try Android Development Application Mobile Testing?

That’s why I am creating this article to tell the beginners how to react with the interface of the Android studio, there are many things included in the interface of Android studio but I am just explaining the Android Development Android Studio Project Structure. By the way if you don’t create your first App then have a look Android Development First Experience – MyApp.

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In this article you will learn how you can handle your Android studio project, by the way if you are not familiar with Android Development Essential Things Before Start then have look before get started.

Get Started with Android Studio Project Structure

Ugly gray screen and confusing information “No files are open” – that’s all we can see after establishing the first app (creating a new project). Probably Google should spend more time on User Experience, but we’re here not to complain about the interface. So where to start?

Step 1: Click the project tab on the left of the screen.

Android Studio Project Structure
Click the Project tab to see project tree of your app (Android Studio)

Step 2: When you expand first element you will see a big tree of various folders and file. Ignore 99% of them. You have to navigate to layout folder which includes files describing what would be visible on the device screen.

Android Studio Project Structure
Navigate through the project tree to activity_main.xml file in Layout folder (Android Studio

There is some heavy clicking in front of us: double click MyFirstAndroidAppProject  (or your project name), double click MyFirstAndroidApp (or your app name), double click src folder, double click res folder, double click layout folder and finally double click activity_main.xml file.

Step 3: Wow – almost a big tree in front of us! But calm down at this stage we don’t need to know what are all those options. We have just opened the file with the layout of our first app and that was our goal. This app does one thing – displays on the screen text “Hello world!”. This simple function was already implemented – we would modify it later on our own.

Android Studio Project Structure
This is a design view of your app. You could hide unnecessary panels by clicking Hide Icon in the left corners of them (Android Studio)

There are many various tabs and windows visible which we will familiarize in not so far future. At this stage just for better orientation we have:

  • main menu in the top with many, many not needed now options
  • file & folders list below menu just for better orientation where is located opened file
  • tabs on left & right edges of the screen (like Palette or Designer)
  • windows in the middle (Palette, Project, activity_main.xml file preview, Component Tree, Properties); we could click on marked tabs on left and right or click hide icons to leave only windows we need
  • some additional options at the bottom not important now
Android Studio Project Structure
Android Studio interface has many options, but we will need only a few at the beginning

At the beginning all we need is the window with activity_main.xml file (the rest we could hide). This would be our first work area.


I hope that you will really enjoy this, if you have any kind of question regarding this you can ask me. Share it with other Android developers and remark your views in comments. I will really appreciate if you have any kind of piece of content for me. I am keep updating this article.


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