Hey buddy, today I’m going to explain how you can setup device for android development after the USB Driver Updates I hope you will really enjoyed this article and video tutorial.

Once you’ve installed the driver software, if you’re working on windows and you’ve attached your phone to your computer with the USB cable.

You’re ready to set up debugging, here are the steps. Go to your device’s settings on my Nexus 5 i’ll swipe down from the top and i’ll go to the settings.

Setup device

Setup deviceThen i’ll scroll down all the way to the bottom of the screen on your phone if you don’t see developer options follow these steps, touch about phone and scroll all the way to the bottom again and then touch build number 7 times after the first few times you’ll see a countdown message and after the seventh time your phone will be enabled for developer use.

Setup deviceMy phone is already enabled for developer so if I touch build number I get the message no need you are already a developer.Setup device

Then go back one screen and you should see the developer options show up go into developer options.

Setup device

Minimally turn on these two features select stay awake this means that the screen will keep active while you’re working with it that is well it’s attached to your computer and then most importantly turn on USB debugging after selecting the checkbox touch ok to confirm your notifications.

Setup device

Should then show USB debugging connected and the mode of the connection there are two available modes media device and camera it’s counterintuitive but you want to be connected as a camera.

Setup device

Finally you have done this, now you can attached your phone with your computer and direct execute the android files. It’s become easy for developer to carry the apps in their phones instead of the laptop.

watch video

The biggest benefit of this, is that you don’t need to extend your ram capacity or your laptop is never get slow during the execution of your developed code in android.


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