Become Blogger

Hey I am Junaid Shahid, and today am going to write on how to become blogger. Actually today am surfing on Google and just discover a great blog (moneybies), which is running by (Vipul Jain). I inspired a lot from his post (The 5 Richest Bloggers). So I decide to explain my followers that how to become blogger like them. Blogging is not a part time task, its full time job.

If you want to earn something without going anywhere, then the best business is the blogging. There are many persons who are just earning from blogging. But before blogging you need a lot of experience so that you can explain them to others. You need strong relations with other bloggers and keep eye on their posts.

Become Blogger Quickly

To become blogger you need to become better writer first. So you can write on any topic. The better way to take startup is,

  • Follow other bloggers
  • Read their articles
  • Grasp the knowledge.
  • Discover their strategies
  • Keep eye on their topics
  • Keep checking their social influence
  • Attached with them

By these all tactics, you can become blogger easily. I am also doing this. The major benefits of these steps are, other blogger start follows you and giving you tips or on other hand they promote you also. In this way you will get popular quickly. The basic thing is that every blogger have almost the same topic to discuss but they each have the differ content, because of their experience. Don’t copy anyone content because this is wrong way, and you will be penalized by Google or Google will blacklisted you website or blog. In this case you will never get in Google search engine. And on other hand no viewership.

The best thing to become blogger is you can write freely on any topic. You don’t need someone advice to write. Freely explain your thoughts and experience with others. Blogger is the best medium to take startup as beginner. Blogger will give you free service of domain. Initially you need to just choose the genre of you blogging and build the blog on desire name or domain. Then developed the user-friendly graphical user interface so that your viewership can increase. Then try to write original content. Always be conscious about the length of your post.

  • Minimum 300 words are fine
  • More than 300 words are preferred
  • 500 words are the best choice

I always try to write more than 500 words because as long as your article, you can get strong viewership. Take a topic and start write on that. In the beginning give the introduction what you are going to write as I do in my every article. Too involved the user in your words. Then explain why you choose this topic instead of any other. Give the valuable reference in your articles so that viewer can trust on your words.

Then briefly explain what’s the topic is and why it’s important for a common person to read. If there is any practical example exist then include also. And then in the last must create the conclusions or the final words section. So that viewer can understand what your main aim to write the blog. In this sense you can become blogger and also a better writer.

Final words

Today I have explained you some tips to become blogger and better writer, to compete the copycats. By following my tips you will be able in future to write your own blogs and to build huge viewership. If found any ambiguity and plagiarized content in this article please let me know. Always remember to become blogger you need lot of time. It’s not easy way to become richest overnights. Lot of hard work needed to manage all the things together to make a blog. Comment if you are blogger and keep the world easier for beginners.