Maybe they were the very first blogs you started reading, and maybe you found them after the few months of reading smaller blogs. Regardless, you all have come across them at the some point when the blogs that aren’t just blogs, but blog empires.

The ones that make you wish that you were the professional blogger and realize that you are not even close to becoming one. You can download many plugins, insert keywords, and brush up on all of the relevant SEO tactics and it’s still not going to be the enough when it comes to taking your blog up to the “must read level”.

Suggested Blogging Tips:

So what’s missing now? Your blogs brand.

That’s sound right. Just like the brand of software or a brand of clothing, if you want your blog to be more professional, something that people actually buy into, you need to brand it.

Five Benefits that come with branding your blog:

It gives your blog the theme

By building the brand with your blog you are developing it into more than just the website with a mishmash of information and content. You are unifying every aspect of your blog into one neat package that lets the people know exactly what kind of information they can find when they visit your site.

It helps you to grow your blog

Whether you love them or hate them the professional bloggers who have created the brand for themselves all have one thing in common: the really large leadership base. Once your blog has the defined brand it becomes easier for people to share it, which means your blog essentially starts marketing itself.

You can become an expert

Creating the brand that people can rely on for a certain type of information makes you invaluable as a resource. People begin to turn to you for the latest information, products, and services about the certain industry because they view you as the expert in your particular field.

Suggested Blogging Tips:

Your readers become more invested

More people perceive you as the expert, the more the people trust you. The more trust you build with your readers the more they invested in your blog brand – and thus you – they become. This results in the loyal following, and having dedicated readers is the defining factor in a blog’s success (see #2).

It makes your blog the business

Once you have the brand you can change your blog from just a blog that anyone could write into the actual business. You can sell products, you can sell services, you can sell reviews and you can profit from it.

Building the brand for your blog isn’t difficult, all you really need is a clean logo, catchy slogan, and the lot of quality content. However despite the relative ease with which brands are created, the most bloggers skip this crucial step in the growing their blog. Don’t make that mistake, find what makes your blog unique and use it to your advantage to brand your blog. In this all don’t missed to join Facebook Group.


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