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When you start blogging their is major factor occur which is branding. The branding most important part is the blogger logo. I’m mean by the LOGO of the Blog as name reflects Blogger Logo.

Logo is the identity of any website or blog online. Even that mostly person don’t know who is the blogger of the particular site. But they can identify that particular logo is represented some sites. If you think apart the blog’s logo their are many companies. Who have also logo and unique identity online. Like Apple, Puma etc.

Blogger Logo Identity Like Apple and Puma
Blogger Logo Identity

You must need a good look, because it’s extremely important for your business, and to your branding for your company’s names. On other hand it’s also important factor to make space in audience mind to memorized your services. I have observed when audience see an eye catching logo in adverts or promo products, it will stand out.

Blogger Logo Purpose

Blogger Logos are intended to be the face of the company like the brand. They are graphically displays the company or blog unique identity. Through colors, fonts and images. These essential ingredient also provide the information about the company or blog. That’s allow target audience to identify the core services of company or blog.

Blogger Logo Design Principles

Good Blogger Logos are unique and memorable to potential readers or audience. There are myriad choices for the colors , visual effects and typography like fonts. In generic logo should be helpful to convey message or some kind of information about the blog. Designed the logo in a way that gives any sense of meaning related the blog and it’s niche. Like tech bloggers or tech blogs tend to have angular logos to convey the speed. While the services based or services oriented blogs have rounded shape logos to provide the sense of service and trust. On other hand some people hire Marketing Optimizer as the alternative of logo. Read out more Ten Principles of Typography.

Blogger Logo Brand Identity

Logos are the major visual component of any blog and overall brand identity. Because the logo appears on the feature images or on all the social accounts. For that reason well designed logo may be contribute lot to blog success. While the substandard logo can show amateurishness and turn off the potential readers or customers.

Brand Identity Representation should not be boring
Blogger Logo Brand Identity

Logo should be cohere well with the other aspects of the company visual presentation. No logo, however the well designed logo can look’s good when surrounded by the contradictory graphical elements and effects. This is why the logo is basic part of the larger brand or blog identity. That includes company fonts style, color schemes and documents designs.

Blogger Logo Return on Investment

As much the readers grow to know, their likeness and trust get around to the identity. They are more likely to response positive to successive encounters with logo. On other hand potentially leading to increased the growth, sales and profits. Plus point, well designed logos implies professionalism and competence. Which could help steer potential new readers toward the selecting the business. Rather than a competitor with nothing or substandard logos.

Blogger Logo Common Mistakes

Small bloggers often play very fast and loose with logos. Paying less attention to their blog’s logos proper size and visual positioning with content. Avoid to recreating different types of logo for specific purpose. Like, banners, feature images etc, or having similar but not identical versions for branding or on social accounts.

Why Logos Are Important?