blogger vs wordpress

Blogger vs WordPress are the top two blogging platforms even at this point. I would like to clarify that by the WordPress, I mean by so now you won’t have any confusions.

There are 1000’s of articles online with the topic WordPress vs Blogger and 90% chances are that you will find the WordPress as the winner but as former best blogging platform, Blogger still stands a chance at top blogging platform and the amazing changes it is making just adds more chances to it.

Plus, the WordPress hacking vulnerabilities are forcing the WP users to migrate to the Blogger which is just helping the Blogger team.

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Blogger vs WordPress!

Blogger can beat WordPress and I don’t think there is any kind of doubt in that. Blogger, in some of positions, is better than the WordPress and that’s what I present in this blog post.

Here I present you, the Blogger vs WordPress: Why Blogger is Better!

User Friendly Interface

If you may have used all new Blogger design, I would be amazed if you choose WordPress’ interface above it. The latest interface has the good color scheme and it is quite faster than the WordPress interface.

Blogger has chosen the cool blend of color scheme with orange and white, the interface attracts users. The speed of this interface is also good and doesn’t keep you waiting for the long time. Well, I hope you have used it because it is treat.


Blogger offers all its services at free of cost. Everything they offer you get it for free unlike WordPress which requires the hosting and the domain which you may get for free but free hosting is not trusted and free domains such as is not listed on Google search engine.

You may try other free domain but you would not get many goods as you can with domains such as .com, .net, etc. Eventually, you settle for Blogger which is the totally free.

Register Multiple Blogs

When you use the Blogger, you are getting all free so you would definitely want more which you may skip at the WordPress because you will need to pay for everything you want to add.

At the Blogger, you can easily register multiple blogs under one account. Even though it is not suggested that you should to create a lot of the blogs which will be difficult for you to manage but if you are interested you can create the couple of them and solve your writing needs.

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Blogger was bought by the Google in 2003 and since then, the Google has done everything possible to make Blogger a top blogging platform and they had even succeeded once but the WordPress defeated them and since then WordPress has been on the top.

Just like the Nokia vs Samsung. But, what I am trying to point out that the Google was the reason that Blogger once became the top blogging platform and Google has the capability to make it the top blogging platform again. The Google has a lot of money to invest and why won’t they do it on the Blogger? They will do a lot to make it better and I am sure they will.

Final Words

Well, I really think that the Blogger can win against WordPress. Given above were just four reasons why the Blogger is better against WordPress but there must be more. Well, we would have to wait for the Google to make more improvements in Blogger because it really stands a chance to get on the top, I am sure that someday it will. But don’t forget to join my Facebook Group and newsletter subscription.


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