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In Blogging It is common quote which said that “Time is the Money.” If you have skills in anything but you don’t have time to implement them, then it’s of no use. In our daily routine we do so many activities that we are totally equipped with time.

A job person starts his day with a cup of coffee having so much pre-planned activities in his mind. He does the entire JOB activity with his full perfection and always be worried about the completion of the work before time.

I have seen many people who are doing the Blogging along with their jobs and doing very well. Before starting my Article I would like to say hats off to those guys who are managing their JOBS and Blog altogether.

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Why Blogging needs Time?

You will have to devote time if you are really concerned about getting the success in this arena. Blogging is the vast term and it include various Niche, so your first step should be the selection of Niche very carefully so that you can write something about that.

It needs Keyword Research

Without the keyword Planner Tool or Keyword Research and proper keyword target your post is like firing bullet with closed eyes. And if you don’t know where bullet is going then definitely you cannot say where it will hit. So Blogging needs the proper strategy about the keywords.

It needs Promotion

Your blog in the starting days needs too much promotion because the world doesn’t know about your blog. You will have to spread your voice in your friends that I have started the blog targeting for that Niche so that they will know about it. Promotion can of Social Media or the Forum posting but yes you will have to spend time on promotion.

It needs Study

Study is the continuous process and always should be. Blogging needs too much study because it is the so vast that it have so much hidden term. And you can know these term only when you are having the learning attitude. Reading other blogs is best way to get the ideas about writing.

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It needs some Technical know how

WordPress have made blogging so simple that even the noob can do blogging these days. Because writing editing and almost everything is so much easy in the WordPress. There are thousands of plugin available in the WordPress repository that you can have your work done with some simple and easy to use plugins.

But if you want to make your blog more attractive to attract more of the visitors and to give more personal feeling to your visitors then you will have to have little know how of coding. Remember for learning some of the basic technical skills you will have to spend the time and it depends upon you that in how much time you will grasp it.

Finally I would like to say that if you are really thinking to start a blog then you have a look on your daily routine and see if you can spare some time for getting these skills. Because in the Blogging the more time you will spend the more output you will get. Don’t forget to join my Facebook Group.


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