Blogging Topics

Hey dear I am Junaid. Today I will like to explain about blogging topics. There are many beginners which are facing difficulties when they start blogging. The beginner is not familiar with the blogging trends. Because beginner want to become blogger quickly to earn. But this phenomenon is not always right for everyone. If you know any blogger who is getting earned form blogging you must observed that they are better writer.

Blogging Definition

Express your views about any topic and share your own opinion to blog is called blogging, this is what I called blogging definition in simple words. Now a day everything is shared on blog and blogging section of company website. As you know in my last topic business blogging I have explain the list of those business firms which are utilizing blog. You can also start blogging by launching a blog on free blogging sties. You just need to be patient and work with passion to become blogger.

Blogging Trends

Before start blogging you must have to read the views of other bloggers to get blogging topics. Observe what they choose for blogging topics, what they are writing and why they are writing. If you don’t know where you can find the bloggers. Then what I recommend is to use Google Trends. It will inform you about the latest searches in 24 hours against any region. With the help of Google Trends you can get some ideas on which you can write articles or start blogging. In simple words Google Trends is for bloggers to get blogging topics.

Keywords Planner

Google have another platform which is sub tool of Google Adwords. Which help you also to get blogging topics for start blogging. This is honestly very amazing tool for searching keywords and blogging topics. There are many blogger who recommend this and search their next topic from the Google Adwords Keywords Planner. You can also get information about the whole traffic of month against of any keyword or topic in free of cost. Keywords Planner also informed you about the keyword competition and ranking of relative keywords on which you can rank easily. Keywords planner also give you ratio of earning on given keywords against their searches.

Keyword Spy

It is another tool on internet for finding the blogging topics. It’s similar like keyword planner. It provides you the feature of analytics and back tracking. Mostly it is used for PPC and SEO purposes to maintain the advertisement campaigns.

Best Blogging Topics

You make take startup with those words which emphasis on trends. Like if you want to write about something related to “writing” then be creative and write like”how to writing”. These words involve reader in your blog. I have shared some type of articles which can engage lot of traffic toward your blog.


It’s mean to create or write the list of top and best things. Like top games, best music of this year etc. in which you show the list of content. Listicles are huge searched content over the internet and people love to read about these kinds of things.

How Tos

In this type you have to share tutorial type articles. Like “how to create this or that” etc. which is briefly explained step by step. With some reference links and images so that you reader can learn something from you and be loyal to you.

Beginner guides      

It is some kind of tutorials. But tutorials are not full package for beginners. In these types of articles you have to write like an author. In which reader consider you like master. And you have to explain the whole guidance of anything on which you are going to write

Final words

I have tried to explain about blogging topics. I have shared some types of articles which can help you a lot. There are many types of articles but in beginning these types are best for startup. You can also follow other blogger to get the relative idea for blogging topics. If you think this is ambiguous kindly share you view through comments. I will appreciate your participation.


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