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Business presentation is the term in which someone expresses the business with the help of gestures, graphs, and reports overview. Basically presentation mean to convey any idea in your own way but in systematically or acceptable way. In this you can use relative data to boost the concept and increase the audience attention toward you.

When the any business domain achieves something they start promoting their brand through seminars, in that seminars actually they are doing business presentation toward their audience. To increase the awareness of product through different gestures, graph and images.

Business presentation types

Basically there are six types of business presentation, which are commonly used by all business domains. Check the followings.

  • Informative presentation
  • Arousing presentation
  • Persuasive presentation
  • Illustrative presentation
  • Decision making presentation
  • Impromptu presentation

Every single business presentation has the same main point, that is to convey the message but the message and tone of presentation may be different.

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Informative Presentation Business Presentation

Those presentations which have included research work and information about anything is considered as the informative presentations. Keep informative presentation brief and to the point. Stick to the fact and avoid complicated information’s.  The best example of any informative presentation is the brand launch ceremony. Because in the brand launch ceremony of any brand, company elaborate the facts and necessary information rather than complete details. The suggested organizational structure is given below.

  • Time

Explain when the things should happen, work best with visual people, use words like first, last, list order etc to explain the order.

  • Place

Explain where things should happens, work best with people who understand group or area you are discussing, use words like region 1,2,3 etc to explain the order.

  • Cause & Effect

Explain how things should happen, works best with people who understand the relationships, use phrase like “because of this — we now have to —”

  • Logical Order

Simply list items in their order of importance, work best with people who are accustomed to breaking down complex data into components in order to digest the facts.

Arousing PresentationBusiness Presentation

This is kind of motivate and inspirational presentation, in which your purpose is to make people think about a certain problem or situation. You want to arouse the audience emotions and intellect so that they will be receptive to your point. Use vivid language in an arousing presentation.

  • Gain attention with a story that illustrates the problem like graphical reports.
  • Show the need to solve problem and illustrate it with an example that is general or commonplace.
  • Explain your solution for satisfactory resolution to the problem.
  • Compare the two worlds with problem solved and unsolved situation.
  • Call the audience to action for help you in the problem solution.
  • Give the audience a directive that is clear and easy.

Persuasive presentationBusiness Presentation

The presentation in which your aim is to convince your listeners to accept your proposal. The convincing and persuasive presentation offers a solution to controversy, dispute or problem. To succeed with persuasive presentation you must present sufficient logics, evidence, facts and emotions to sway the audience.

  • Create great introduction
  • Seize the audience attention
  • Disclose the problem
  • Tantalize the audience
  • Create a desire
  • Call to action
  • Ask for order
  • Ask for decision
  • Ask for the course of actions

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Instructional or Illustrative PresentationBusiness Presentation

Your purpose is to give specific directions or orders. Your presentation will probably bit longer because it has to cover your topic thoroughly and in easy way. In an illustrative presentation your listeners should come away with new knowledge or skill.

  • Explain why skill valuable
  • Explain the learning objective
  • Demonstrate the process
  • Demonstrate first without comments
  • Demonstrate again with explanation
  • Demonstrate step by step
  • Have the participants practice the skill
  • Provide opportunity to ask question

Decision making PresentationBusiness Presentation

In this your purpose to move your audience to take your suggested action like politicians does so. Decision making presentation represent ideas, suggestions, and arguments strongly enough to persuade an audience to carry out your request. In this you must tell the audience what to do and how to do it. You should let them know what will happen if they don’t do what you ask I mean by the negative aspect.

  • Gain attention with story that illustrate problem
  • Show the need to solve problem
  • Describe your solution
  • Compare positive and negative aspect of action
  • Call the audience to action

Impromptu PresentationBusiness Presentation

In this presentation someone suddenly said you to present on any given topic and you have to elaborate that topic in the systematical way. In universities students are familiar with impromptu presentation in other words surprise quiz or speech is best example of impromptu presentation. Any presentation which is done without planning and suddenly is consider as the impromptu presentation

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