c programming datatype

Hey my name is Junaid and in this post I will explain about c programming datatype. Datatype is referring as two words “data” and “type”. Which mean what kind of data you are using and what type is of data. Such as in our daily life we get much kind of data with different type. Like the name is type of strings and name itself a data. In other words datatype refer as the system which is used for declaration of variables in any language.

Types of Datatypes

There are four major datatypes by which other datatypes are inherited or derived. I will not explain one by one in this post about individual datatype. But you can learn about them by clicking on the headlines. Each individual is explained in their own post. Because this post Is just for introduction of c programming datatype.

  1. Basic datatype

These are the basic arithmetic datatypes which are further divided into two subs classes which are Integer Datatype and Float Point Datatype. All the data which are based on integers, decimals and floats are consider as basic datatypes.

  1. Enumerated types

These are also the arithmetic datatypes. But these are used for certain discrete integer values. Such as the days in week etc.

  1. The type void

These datatypes indicated that no value is available or returned. These are mostly used for the functions as the type specifies.

  1. Derived types

These are the derived or inherited datatypes from the basic datatypes. Which are pointer type, array type, structure type, union type and function type. These are also known as the user define datatypes.


In this post I have tried to explain about the c programming datatype. Which are most important to know for declaring any variable. We will use these datatypes in programming problems to resolve them in optimized ways.  Hope this is helpful for you. If you have any quire you can ask me from the medium of comments and Facebook Group.


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