C Programming Identifiers

Hey my name is Junaid. In this post I will like to explain the c programming identifiers. As the name reflect the answer. Identifiers are name of variables. So In other words. Anything, which identifies the variable or function or any user define item is called the identifier.


Identifiers are the most important thing, in other words the name of any variable which you have declared. If you have not select the identifier wisely. May be you can stuck during the programming. Some time beginners take lot of identifiers with similar names. But when they need they forget. Which identifier is used for the purpose. So be ware in selection of identifiers.

There are some limitations in the selection of identifiers. Identifier is start from the alphabets or underscore. But c programming identifiers are not allowed to used the punctuations line #,$,@,% etc. C programming language is case sensitive. Which means “_okay” and “_Okay” are not the same identifiers. Because both of identifiers have one alphabet in different case.  You can also used the integers In the identifiers but you can start identifier with any integer.

Example of Acceptable Identifier

In these style you can declare your identifiers, there are two styles of declaring identifiers. One is called Camle Case, Which is written as (camleCase). Other one is called Pascal Case, which is written as (PascalCase or Pascalcase). Because of international practice of writing code in these styles, now these are the standard styles.


I have tried to gives you the idea of c programming identifiers use. Hope this will very helpful for you. Share your views about this in comments. You can also join my Facebook group. If you have seen any ambiguity in content please let me know. I appreciate your participation always. Identifier is very small concept in the programming but for beginner it’s the lesson for begin professional.  Share your code and problems with me and explore the programming world.


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