c programming keywords

Hey my name is Junaid, and today I have a new topic to discuss. Which are c programming keywords. Basically all programming and computer languages are based on keywords. Keywords are those phrases which are reserved for the programming languages. Like the words printf and scanf is the keyword which is not used by the programmer to take variable of same name. Because the thing which is reserved by the programming language is not over write by the programmers.


The phrase of English or the word which have particular meaning in the programming is called keyword. Keyword is also known as the identifier in some cases. Without keywords programming is nothing. You will found thousands of c programming keywords in high level programming languages. Day by day there are many programming languages which are invented or under invention. Each has some new keywords inside. Which are only operate able within their compilers only. But in this post I have to discuss only c programming keywords. There are many c programming keywords but I have to add selective only which are common in used.

C Programming Keywords

These are the some keywords which are reserved by the c programming languages. Which are not in use of programmer to over write the features. Each of this keyword has their own features and limitations. Some of keywords are common in all programming languages like static etc but not all. The key point how you will guess that the word you are going to used in any language is keyword of just phrase. The optimal answer is that whenever you write any keyword by mistake for any purpose it will get bold. If will write “doo”. It will not become bold. But if write “do”. It will become bold automatically. Which indicate me that this is the reserve word by programming language or keyword.

Final Conclusion

I hope this is very helpful for you to learn the basic of the c programming keywords. There are many keywords of c programming language. But I have added only selective keywords which are common in used. If you know any keyword which is essential to be added please write in comments. I will check that, and then update this post. You can also join my Facebook Group to be in contact with me. If you like this information please share it with your friends.


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