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Hey I am Junaid. In this post I will like to explain the c programming print Function. In other words how to write the print Function in c programming language. It’s not hard to learn programming language as I have discussed in last article. So first of all you have to know that there are two types of Functions one we used to show output and other one to take input from the user. But in this article we will only discus about the first Function which is used to show output of the program.

C Programming Print Function 

Basically printf is the command which is used to show output in c programming. The syntax of c programming print Function is like.

This is the basic syntax which we will use throughout the In c programming language. If you want to show any output so you have to write anything inside printf parenthesis which is started and ended with double quotations. Like this code.

When you will execute this Function It will generated the results on screen like this.

That’s all, now you can create some output programs. Like you can print you own name and some kind of things like this. To understand the basic purpose and used of c programming print Function. You can draw beautiful menus and relevant things as you can see below.

This code will generated the name in beautiful sequence of asterisk. Like this you can practice this command by your own and share with others. This is the first step toward learn programming. But as much you practice the commands you will get mastering in them.

The main logic of programming is to combine all the commands and developed something new. After knowing all commands you will be able to create your own individual programs like university management system etc.


Final words

In this article I like to explain about the c programming print Function. This is used to show results on the screen. The basic syntax and sample code is also shared with you. You can practice this Function by your own to generate different results, to get the main idea of print Function. I will appreciate you if you will share your own code based on print Function with me. You can also join my Facebook Group and share your programs there. If you have any kind of problem you can simply leave your comments I will answer them soon as possible I can.


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