C Programming Token

Hey my name is Junaid shahid. In this post I will explain about the c programming token. Token is the mechanism by which computer can understand what the programmer want to said. Mostly in programming token is neglected to teach. So I feel to give this concept. Because good programmer is one who know all the aspects of programming.


Token is the strategy of assembly language. In which all the statements are divided to individual phrase. Which make easier the statement for the understanding of the computer. In the beginning universities don’t teach the token importance. But when advanced courses are started they are giving the basics of token. Token is part of assembler and interpreter. We will not create any program for how token works. But in this post you will be aware how token is working. I have a sample code, like I want to tell computer to print my name Junaid Shahid.

In the code above there are five tokens. You can see them in line below.

Each phrase and individual entity is an individual token itself. Compiler or any source which is used to convert source language in machine language is based on token system. They generated the tokens of the source code so that machine can understand.


I have tried to tell you about the c programming token. I hope this is very useful concept for you. This is very small concept which is of only one to two lines. But each aspect of programming has its own importance. Because every aspect of programming gives you the logic and concepts by which you can become programmer. You can share your views with me in comments. And you can also join my Facebook group. I will appreciate if you will give me new ideas to write about or suggest me topics.


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