C Programming Variable Calling

Hey my name is Junaid shahid. In this article I am sharing about c programming variable calling. After storing the data inside the variables we have to utilize them. To increased the reusability of program. In the programming the last phase of variable life is to utilize them which is called variable calling.

In some compilers, they will generate warnings when you don’t use the variable which you have declared. It is not professional practice to declare variable but not called them. If you will study about the memory management of variables. You will learn that, on the declaration of variable it take place in the memory. Which mean memory is consumed on the variable declaration.

For example if you need only two variables for the program, but you declared more than two variables. Its mean you are consuming more memory than needed. This is the negative aspect of variable declaration. So always declare only those variables which are necessary to be called in the program.

Whenever you access the value of any variable, it will called variable calling. Let’s code an example program of variable calling to understand the concept. I will declare variable and then defined value. After that I will try to access the variable.

In the code above you can observed that in printf function, variable calling is performed. Because I have coded to access the value of variable in printf function only. Variable is called to given the value on screen. You can code your own example programs for the better understanding or c programming language aspects.


I have tried to explain the c programming variable calling aspects. I hope it’s really informative to you. If you found any ambiguous thing please point out. So that I can update my mistakes. You can also join my Facebook Group to discuss programming problems.


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