C Programming Variable Definition

Hey my name is Junaid. In this article you will learn about the c programming variable definition. Variable definition is not similar to variable declaration. There is very linear concept in each phase of c programming variable. After variable declaration the next phase is defining the variable which is called variable definition.


According to some author and programming internally declared variables are the variable definition. But it’s not right, because definition mean to define the limitation of the variable usage. You can not differentiate the variable definition and declaration in common type variables. To understand the difference of variable definition and declaration we have to review the example code of array type variable. We will also learn about the arrays, but in this article I have to just deliver the concept of variable definition.

The code above is the example of declaration.

Now the code above is the example of definition. You can’t differentiate the declaration and definition in common type of variables. But in the array type variables you can clearly understand what’s happening. In the array type variable when I have defined the size or memory capacity it will consider as the definition of the array type variables. This feature is not available in c programming variable to define the memory capacity. That’s why we can’t differentiate them. But in the array type variable we can clearly state the difference. That’s why some of authors and programmer neglected the definition of variables. But it still present in the life of variables.


I have tried to explain the c programming variable definition in this article. I hope you have cleared your concept with the example code programs. If you have still any confusion in variable declaration and variable definition you can comment below. You can also join my Facebook Group to engage yourself with programmers. I warmly welcome you to ask question and suggest us the topics to write. You participation is precious for this blog.


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