can Become Blogger

Who can become blogger it is the most important question when someone start blogging rises in mind. There is no background qualification needed, there is no color no language and no cast included in the field of blogging. Before answering this question I have another question which I want to share with my audience, that is

What is blogging in reality?

You will get many formal and informal definition of blogging but I am not agreed from them mostly. In my perspective blogging is something to share your knowledge with others, the knowledge can be of any sort of any medium maybe in the voice medium maybe in the video or maybe from the infographics. The main theme of blogging is remaining same in all sorts and that is the knowledge. If you have the knowledge you can become blogger, even that if you have knowledge and grip on that knowledge then you can become a great blogging of the century. can Become Blogger

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Blogging Essentials

There are many things which is common in every blogging but something remain unique that’s why they are popular among people. No I am going to sheer essential things which are common in every blogger is right below. can Become Blogger

  • Power of brainstorming can Become Blogger
  • Power of convincing can Become Blogger
  • Power of relation building can Become Blogger
  • Good knowledge of images can Become Blogger
  • Good knowledge of search engine optimization
  • Knowledge of latest trends

Uniqueness in blogging

As you know every bloggers have its own tone when he writing content to his audience, to create user-friendly content you have to write your words as you speak. In my scenario I don’t need to write my word as I am speaking because my speech automatically converted into words because I am using a software. So you have both perspectives you can write your words as you speak or speak as you want to write, in my last post speech blogging I have already tell all the positive aspect of that you must have to read that post. No get on the point what are the unique things bloggers have.

  • Unique category (niche)
  • Unique content
  • Content writing tone
  • Create own images
  • Write similar content
  • Create Network blog post
  • Contribute their knowledge can Become Blogger
  • Promote other bloggers
  • Share giveaways can Become Blogger
  • Show their assets and revenue reports

Become Blogger

Note – Before Become Blogger?

Remember one thing if you are doing blogging to just earn money then you are losing this game because blogging is not for earning money it is for sharing your knowledge with your audience. In the beginning I just start blogging to just our money and then I was fall, suddenly I realize that blogging is not the way for earning money.

Yeah some of blogging earn money from their blog post because they have huge traffic, and this spend lot of time to build this reputation. So if you want to earn money from your blog then you have to spend couple of years to build a reputation by sharing the information which you have not plagiarize content.


What’s your name audience doesn’t care, what’s your age audience doesn’t care, what’s your religious status audience doesn’t care, what’s your color audience doesn’t care, the only thing audience will care about is the unique content which they are deserving from your blog. So if you want to become blogger you have to share unique knowledge, new ideas, your audience is ready to read your words are you ready to give hard time. Start blogging right now share your knowledge and groom your skills.


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