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Hey my name is Junaid. Hope you are fine, today I have amazing topic for bloggers. In this article we will discuss about CommentLuv Blogs. Those blogs which used commentluv for their comment system are known as CommentLuv Blogs. I am also using the commentluv for my commenting system.


Commentluv is the best plugin for wordpress bloggers. Because commentluv give you the best featuring commenting system. You can moderate easily any comment and assign the spam tag to any spammer. Easy to handle and light weight in the memory. It will not increase your web page load. Commentluv is very important now days in the SEO factor. Because if you comment on any blog which is commentluv blog you can insert by default your latest post backlink.

So its mean you have two backlinks every time you comment on commentluv enable blog. First backlink from the name which you enter in the comment section. Second backlink which is by default your latest post or article. These features are from the aspect of other bloggers. Now we discuss from your own point of view.

If you will install commentluv for your commenting system. You can give opportunity to other for comment to get backlinks only if they register on your site. Its mean commentluv have two options. One by default anyone can embed latest article backlink. Second only register user can embed any of the last ten article backlinks. By this feature you can attract many readers in sense of backlink opportunity. There is another option in commentluv plugin. You can unable or disable dofollow and no do-follow for register users and for guest users. I am personally user of commentluv plugin and recommend this for every wordpress blogger.

CommentLuv Blogs

I have always in search of CommentLuv Blogs on the Google. After purchasing many premium SEO Tools for my blog. Finally I have listed some top bloggers which are author of CommentLuv Blogs. I have also some commentluv blogger friends which help me and encourage in the field of blogging. You must have to follow them, and learn their strategies to become blogger. There is no doubt they are very good write, you can also become better writer by just following their tips. Checkout the list of CommentLuv Blogs.

Here you will found some beginner tips to grow your business. This is on the top CommentLuv Blogs, because It have really great content and have high ranking among all the blogs. As the domain name is reflecting the main point, this blog show you the growing map with their contiguous blogging.

Here you will find online money making tips. They are really expert in the online earning topics. I have learned much from them on the topic of monetizing blog. If you have no passive income, just read their blog and learn how to develop passive income monthly.

Here you will found amazing content about startups and blogging. You can learn much from here like they provide practice tutorial guidance, blogging strategies and blogging trends.

He is also a wordpress blogger like me. He is very good writer on all round topics, I have learn much from his words. You have to check his blog and comment your views. Share your problem with him on topic of customization and IOT.


Commentluv is the plugin designed to achieve the attraction of readers. It has also great impact on the SEO of site. I have listed some of commentluv bloggers and their blogs. You can comment there to get backlinks. I hope this is very helpful for you. You can ask


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