Comments make blog alive, When you run the blog, one great way to tell how effective or interesting your posts are is through reader comments. However, if the people are not leaving comments, this can leave you in the dark. How will you know what the people are thinking when they read your content? Additionally, posts that generate comments can help drive traffic to the site, as people refer others to an interesting discussion taking place. If you are not getting the blog comments, or are looking for more, here are five simple ways to do so.

“Comments make Blog Alive”

  1. Create the Call to Action

The first and the most obvious step that a lot of people do not think of is to ask their readers to reply with their opinions. The simple, “What do you think?” at the end of a blog post can spur readers to action.

The people who may not have considered the idea of responding may do so, and others who did not think you were looking for an opinion may decide to reply. Something as the simple as requesting a comment can actually go a long way towards generating responses.

Blogging Tips:

  1. Ask the Reader Questions

Going further than simply asking for some sort of the response, ask readers direct questions in your posts. To begin with, this shows that you care about and are interested in the reading their opinions. Further, this gives you data for other posts and information that may be useful in future. The people love talking about themselves, so asking them to tell you about their experiences can open the door to comments.

  1. Request Differing Opinions

Another great way to get the readers posting is to ask for people to disagree with you. Finding someone that thinks you’re wrong on the internet is the incredibly easy, so this is a simple way to generate comments. However, in these kind of situations it is important that you create posting guidelines to keep comments clean and civil and to prevent war from breaking out among posters.

While the goal is to generate the discussion regarding your blog posting, creating an argument filled with attacks is not. Be sure to monitor posts after requesting differing opinions to keep the things professional.

  1. Make the Commenting Easy

One of the easiest ways to keep the people from posting is to make it difficult. If you require that people fill out the two page form and then type in squiggly letters to verify they are a human before they can respond, expect very few responses. The most people won’t take more than the few seconds to get to the part where they actually leave feedback, so keep that in the mind.

If you find that you are being inundated with spam or garbage type comments, you can always increase the requirements to post, but start simple to keep from causing the people to give up when they were going to leave a response to a post.

Blogging Tips:

  1. Respond to the Comments

When the people do leave comments, respond to them. It increases the likelihood that people will comment in the future, and it can also increase the chances that other people will respond to your posts if they know you are reading comments. Additionally, if the people leave interesting comments or ideas, mention the comment and the person who left the comment in future blog posts. The people love having their ideas validated, and being called out on a post will make them feel valued as a reader. This will also increase comments from the other people, hoping that they will leave something insightful enough to get the mention.

The comments make the blog alive, so you can implement these tips on your blog to make more users interactive. In this all don’t forget to join my Facebook Group. Let me know your stories now.


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