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You might not think that the creative writing college course can teach you anything about marketing, but the truth is that the lessons you learn in a college creative writing class can actually translate to your SEO writing and the marketing campaigns (internet, social media, and the print). To learn how and why you should consider enrolling in an online creative writing class to strengthen your skills, so continue reading below.

The Grammar and the Editing. Let’s get the most obvious advantage out of the way first, need to enrolling in an online creative writing class will definitely help you strengthen your writing and editing skills. All too often the marketers know how to “approach” their target audience but when it comes to spelling and the punctuation, sometimes wires can get crossed. Just take the look at the presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s long list of marketing or campaign spelling duds.

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You don’t want this to be you, after all, people lose faith and trust in those that have poor spelling and the grammar skills (and social media is no any exception). While the English class can help strengthen these important skills, the creative writing instructors are more involved in the making sure that your piece of work in flawless since there is the lot of peer to peer editing involved.

The Characterization. In every story, including the content article, there needs to be the main character. The protagonist. If you’re writing the story from the first person perspective, then naturally the character is you. But for any marketing content article or the campaign, your target audience has to actually like the main character. The online creative course can teach you how to make even nonfiction characters relatable and the likeable so that you can reach the large audience.

The Anecdotes. Last but not the least, just because you’re in the writing marketing biz doesn’t mean that your articles are supposed to be dry and the boring. In fact, chances are that if your articles sound too robotish or the spammy, your audience will be turned off and you’ll lose their business.

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The creative writing class on the other hand can show you the few techniques to lure readers in and keep them engaged. One of the more popular methods is using an anecdote as the lede, the personal story that helps kick-start what the entire article will be about. This kind of lede (introduction or overview) can really get the reader interested from the first couple of sentences.

In this conclusion, the marketer’s (especially those involved in online content marketing and social media) need to make sure that they are constantly keeping their writing skills up to par. The online creative writing class can help tweak those skills or serve as the refresher so that everything you put out is exceptional but don’t forget to join my Facebook Group.


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