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Did you know that what factors Google used to rank someone?, Here are top 10 Domain Factor from Google Ranking Factors. Which I have experienced in my one year of blogging and On Page SEO. Each factor has its own worth, after knowing all of them you can understand how difficult for someone to rank on Google Search engine be.

Domain Factor – google ranking factors

  1. Domain Age

There is lot of difference in the worth of 6 month old website and 12 month old website. Because of the trust and consistency. Google trust old sites more and index their content first in search engine. Domain age factor has very importance in domain factor because when you have long term projects.

  1. Keyword Appearance

If you keyword in not appear in domain, then you have less chances to be ranked. But if you have high competition keyword in your domain name then you have many chances to get ranked in Google Search Engine. Keyword Appearance can’t be neglected in domain factor.

  1. First Word is Keyword

Those domains which started with targeted keywords. Have edge on those who don’t have keyword in their domain. This step makes life easier to rank in Google. But try to get that site which has target keyword as the first word because the position of keyword in ON Page SEO is most important factor in domain factor to be ranked.

  1. Domain Registration

Legitimate domains are registered for several years not for months. It is also another domain factor of domain age. Google get the expiration date of domains to predict the legitimacy of any domain. Long term website has more change to rank against short term registered websites.

  1. Keyword in Subdomain

According to the MOZ, if keywords appear as the name of Sub-domain. It can become the cause of high ranking. Some other SEO Experts also consider this as authentic strategy to rank website.

  1. Domain History

The used domains when re-register to another owner. Google neglected all the old links and violation charges, in other words Google reset all the data and start again with new ownership. Which I think good step for others to utilized the already indexed site.

  1. Exact Match Domain

Google neglect EMD sites with low quality content. Because according to survey 74 percent of exact match domain have irrelevant content. What they are doing they don’t know that’s why Google not ranked them on the base of just EMD.

  1. Whois Details

There are two whois, first public and second is private. According to Matt Cutts, when he check any whois details mostly has “privacy protection service enable”. This is not technically wrong but change of occurrence. The site owner with many domains, and if one domain is blacklisted then all other domains got effected from that in the Google Search Engine.

  1. Penalized Whois Status

If Google will find any site doing spamming it will blacklisted. Google get record of blacklisted sites and check other site of same owner from whois, then start monitoring them. Sometimes other website are effected too for penalizing of their sister sites.

  1. Country TLD Extension

Have country based domains then you have strong authority to ranked in particular country. “.in” domain can only be ranked in India and “.pk” domain can only be ranked in Pakistan. Select wisely when purchasing domain because its effects much in your Google ranking.


These are the top 10 domains factors, but there are more than 200 google ranking factors which are used now. If you know any factor shares with so that I can update this. Now it’s your turn to share your stories and join my Facebook Group.


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