Essential WordPress Plugins

The WordPress has proven one of most featured user friendly platform, while being open source its gain the good place in the market. The WordPress platform is been used by millions of bloggers and in the commercial websites. During this period plugin were emerged in the market to tweak SEO.

The premium offerings will give the market more competitions, some of the best WordPress plugins are created by the expert plugin developers of wp, which back their product with support for their customers. The free plugins are also most shared by the experts as you can find them on here

There are almost 15000 plus plugins are available in wordpress directory, if you check wordpress Most Popular, Newest Plugins and Featured will be listed. But plenty of great plugins are available which don’t make the list.

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So to make the perfect website or blog, time consuming is more important.

Now I have dug through the list and found some best to compile 15 wordpress plugins.

The Akismet:

This Plugin which helps you to keep your blog Spam free. The Akismet checks comments and trackbacks if it’s found spammed it will be thrown to the spam folder. By checking the Akismet stats you can track spam count, ham, missed spam and false positive until you trigger them as genuine one.


All In One SEO Pack:

This Plugin can be called as the pillar of SEO, which helps to give SEO friendly Title(which can be seen on top of your browser),Meta Description(which appears in Google search results),keywords relate to the your post.


Author Bio:

The Author Bio plugin which will shows author information at end of the post. It also displays the author name, gravatar and website link.


Google XML Sitemap:

This plugin will helps to generate sitemap automatically that intimates the search engine spiders to be crawl easily. WordPress site to be created highly searchable for both users and search engines.


The Disqus Comment System:

Disqus plugin unify with wordpress comment system to get interact with users more efficiently. The comment can be done only the user by login via disqus this will help to approve or deny the comments on site.


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SEO Smart Links:

This Plugin will helps to link keyword and phrases automatically in your posts and comments. Once you have installed then just configure option with your keywords and the associate links.


Thank Me Later:

This Plugin will helps to intimate the users those who commented on your blog, automatically communicate. The time can be set when the email is sent creating multiple messages that will looks no Spammed.


The WordPress Popular Post:

This Plugin will works with connections of other Plugin stats. Once both have been installed this Plugin start to the function by displaying the popular post on your blog by selecting number of days.


WordPress Database Backup:

This is the most wanted plugin for all the bloggers as it back up your data’s regularly in order to avoid disaster. It will back up your data (hourly, daily, weekly) to your desktop, or the server or your inbox.


W3 Total Cache:

This plugin will helps by compressing the database and protecting your blog from huge traffic spikes. It also speeds up the loading time. This works by caching the browser, pages and object data.


Best Contact Form:

This plugin will helps the readers to get in the touch with you for having an Good relationship such as sharing an issues, updates and etc.

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Subscribe To Comments:

This plugin will automatically subscribe the commenter’s to receive an alert when new comment is done. This will brings them to conversation and I also love to see this plugin because if author replies me back which makes me to engage with the blog.


Digg Digg:

This is an social media plugin which will help the readers to share the post with their followers and also boost the traffic for our blog. It’s also helps us to enable the sharing buttons from top 10 social networking sites. This Plugin has the feature of Normal and the Floating display options.


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SEO Slugs:

This Plugin will helps to remove unnecessary words from the Title to make it more search engine friendly and increase web ranking.


Related Posts:

This Plugin will display relevant post list for the current entry of an particular blog post. This plugin also helps readers to get engage with our blog and also to reduce bounce rate.


Top Commentators Widget:

This Plugin will helps the readers to engage with your blog by commenting and which helps them to get quality backlinks.


I Hope that, these plugins will helps you to make your blog possibly search engine friendly and please share your favorite WordPress Plugins here in comments section. But don’t forget to join my Facebook Group in all this.


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