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Hey folks, as you know the new branch of blogging is arising named as event blogging becoming trending in experts. I’m now every pro SEO expert and blogger is moving on event blogging just because of huge money in short time.

It’s unbelievable thing that to work hard for several months to just cash few days, I’m creating backlinks for my recent post “Writing Jobs” and suddenly see bulk keywords and get influenced to the check the domain. Actually I create backlinks by spying on other domains, so for the sake of BL I have analysed the site. I have got many backlinks resources from there. But the major thing is that the hard work they is really appreciable.

In my observation the real SEO are the event bloggers because they have to ranked many keywords in short time on any cost and they did it very well. I have tried to contact the owner of that domain but failed to get any informational resource of the owner.

Event Blogging Case Study

By the way I have seen that this domain is very well ranked in Google on high CPC and huge volume traffic keywords. After watching this I’m just greedy to get their strategies. Here is the overview of the domain.

Event Blogging Fathers Day Case Study

Today is the 18 June the Father’s day event and this domain is just created to target today’s searches. If you will observed the domain, you will see the major keyword “Fathers Day” is exact match and another keyword is also with some variant “Fathers Day Photos”, Did you know when I searched these keyword in Keyword Planner I got the following matrices.

Event Blogging Fathers Day Case Study

Which means if some one get the first position on these keywords then they can enjoy lot of traffic which we can’t imagine, and as much traffic that much $$$ that’s why SEO will start moving on the event blogging because it’s easy to get ranked on those keywords –

  • Which are not yet developed
  • Which have traffic in future
  • Which are searched on some occasions

Now these are just two keywords, in the below image you can clearly see there are two more keywords on which this domain is ranked as the 1st in Google as the Image spinet.

Event Blogging Fathers Day Case Study

Now the major point where I want to focus your mind is that one post is ranked for two keywords hence it’s proved you can ranked one post for many keywords the truth is above.

Let’s understand how these two keywords are ranked for the same post as no 1 in google. I have open the post in the new tab and copy the both keywords and find them on the page one by one and observed.

  • Article is of 551 words and keyword is found once.
  • 3 times keyword found in related post or in side bar (total 4 times on the page).

Event Blogging Fathers Day Case Study

After this I have Inspect the source code to understand the ALT text of the images and found he don’t used targeted ALT text, on other hand he used meta Keyword as target keywords.

Event Blogging Fathers Day Case Study

Now it’s mean I have to used the meta keywords with the variations to increase the search signals to ranked the post. So up to here we just overview the On PAGE SEO. Now try to understand the Backlink Strategies of the same post which is ranked.

Event Blogging Fathers Day Case StudyNow here is the real magic behind the ranking, which is strong backlinking. He created 1.72k backlinks from 121 domains. Now let’s see all of them are nofollow or dofollow? by the way did you notice there is no social signals and how much traffic he is getting for just one keyword !

Event Blogging Fathers Day Case Study

OMG ! all of the links are dofollow it’s mean lot of power is given to this post to boost it’s ranking and google did not penalized it still. You can search the keywords too if you don’t believe.

Event Blogging Fathers Day Case Study

You have to also understand that along with the dofollow link the backlink power is depend on the DR and UR which is alternative of DA and PA. In short all the links are from high authority sites. (By the way he is taking links from his Event Blogging PBN)

If you will google the keyword “happy fathers day images” you will not see this domain because it’s ranked as the image. Because Image is upload as the target keyword.

You can check the alt text of the images as your own:


Event Blogging Conclusion:

If you want to rank post you have to do strong on page SEO as I have explained in my video tutorial.

Then you have to create High DA, PA backlinks which I have already explained in below video.

Event Blogging Plus Points:

  • You can rank multiple keywords for the same post
  • You can create 100% dofollow links instead of some nofollow
  • You can rank you images if you have done good off Page SEO
  • Get multi times backlink from the same domain
  • Create backlink on different keywords to ranked on them

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