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This is very common question every presenter has in mind, “what makes effective presentation”. Presentation is way to convey information, knowledge and message in the systematical or accepted way. To represent yourself in front of audience and viewers is very taught job. You have to maintain the tempo and tone of your voice to gain attention for convey the message.

There are some key points which can become cause of your presentation effectiveness. This effective presentation checklist is not concrete, you can add up other which you thing are essential for your presentation.

Effective Presentation Checklist

  • Careful planning & Preparation
  • Good Time Management
  • Relative & Interested Content
  • Clear Structure
  • Content Body
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Conclusion
  • Appropriate use of Acknowledge
  • Clear Supporting Documentation
  • Audience Participation
  • Voice & Pronunciation
  • Eye Contact & Smile
  • Tell Stories

Let’s start learning all the key points for effective presentation skills. To make presentation effective is essential for every presenter to become dominant among other presenter. I have quick tip, read as much as you can and listen as much as you can before speak with your audience, this can build charm in your personality and increased you productivity.

Effective Presentation Related:

Careful planning & Preparation

Planning the first step for any kind of achievement. Even if you want to go outside with your friends, first you will make plan, that how you go and where you will go etc. Same is the case is here, you have to plan carefully for your presentation.

  • What is agenda?
  • Who is my audience?
  • How will explain them?
  • Why I need to present?

The entire question like these which you have to solve before start presentation. This is just part of planning not preparation. Planning is the phase in which you just declare what you will do, but not elaborate. In the preparation phase you will elaborate each and every aspect which can occur during, before and after your presentation. You have research on you agenda and prepare it thoroughly to make effective presentation. There is the tip for you, before presentation. Represent yourself in front of mirror and start the whole presentation to maintain your confidence level and tone of your voice.

Good Time Management

Time management is the major problem in presentation, mostly presenter don’t care about the time. Some presenter try to finish their presentation and other were tried to extend the given time. In both conditions this is very bad impression. You don’t have to finish the presentation before the given time until you have to conclude all the agenda, and don’t have to extent from the given time. Try be maintain the sequence so that you can achieve your goal within time which will become cause of your effective presentation and sharp your skills.

Relative & Interested Content

Effective presentation is incomplete without relative content. You have to add-up some related information in your presentation to build the interest of audience. If you are presenting on any game then you have to add information and facts of other games for compare and similarities etc. You can add quotes, videos and images related to your topic to just increase the productivity of your content. Relative content is the best strategy to gain the attention of your audience.

Clear Structure

Structure of your content must be cleared for understanding. I mean not conclude before elaborating all points. If you will explain the last part of your presentation in the first impression no one can understand what you are doing. So remember structure of presentation is very important. You have to select the topic and sort them according to their complexity. Most complex topics are excluded to make much easier for audience to understand the concept of presentation.

Effective Presentation Related:

Content Body

Mostly presenter when start their presentation, they have very rich slides. I mean rich text in their slides like they are introducing any book. But remember your slides must short and not rich with text. Use gestures instead of simple text to convey your point. Body of content not much complex that no one can understand what is written. Usage of images and video decrease the presentation complexity and increase effective presentation skills.

Good Communication Skills

Communication is biggest problem throughout the world. There are very few people which have good communication skills. With good communication you can convince anyone to do something you desire. There is very famous quote “Words can put you in someone heart, and can through you out from someone heart”. By this now you have to decide what you want to do with your communication power. Simple way to increase the communication skills you need to study and read books and listen other presenters. Be polite and humble toward others and use progressive tone not aggressive to make effective presentation.


When you are closed to finish your presentation, in the last you have to summarize all the major point which you have elaborated. It’s like a quick recap of whole presentation. This is very helpful to conclude the main point in the last.

Clear Supporting Documentation

Your documentation must be clear and relative to your content. If you’re presenting on Global Environment and you given documentation of some software then this is negative impression on your presentation. Sometimes presenter submits the documentation with some irrelevant data. You can add-up related data. Again the same point structure of documentation must be concrete and clear for understanding of anyone.

Effective Presentation Related:

Audience Participation

Participation of your audience is very important to improve your presentation power. You can call to action after concludes. Most of time professional presenter likes to call questions in the end. You can call question and do anything by which you can engage some of audience. This will also very helpful to gain the attention of your viewers and listeners.

Voice & Pronunciation

Tone of voice and pronunciation of words are very important in oral presentation. Because if you are on very high authority and you have to presented any topic and suddenly your voice become aggressive, stressed and by chance your pronounced any word incorrectly. This will become cause of your insult and disturbance throughout the presentation. Be confident on your words and use polite & humble tone in presentation, to improve your pronunciation you can used online Pronunciation dictionary.

Eye Contact & Smile

During presentation keep try to maintain the eye contact with your audience and pass smile. By eye contact audience will be attentive toward your personality and keep thing that you are talking with them. On other hand passing smile feel audience relaxed and motivated toward your words and body movement.

Tell Stories

You can increase the productivity of your presentation by adding some interesting and relative stories. Like the research work of any other presenter or any upcoming technology prototype etc. Relative stories build the interest of audience in presentation content. High quality content have many informative thing beside the main agenda to entertain the audience with useful content.


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