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If you are the blogger, you probably know about the importance of the regular posting. You have to keep your blog fresh with the new content in order to keep your readers engaged with your blog. However, there is the major problem that every blogger may experience.

Blogging Ideas to Write on your Blog

The problem is that it is often difficult to find the ideas to write on your blog. This article will give you some of tips about how to find ideas to write on your blog quickly.

  1. Browse forums related to your blog

If you want to find where the stream of the ideas is rapidly updated every day, it is forums. If you have the blog, chances are there are some popular forums in the same niche as your blog. What you need to do is to find most popular forum in your niche and take a look at that forum for at least 30 minutes. Now find the threads that get many views and many of replies. Those are popular threads that will make your next post popular as well as the threads are. You can find the ideas for your blog posts in those popular threads.

  1. Browse other popular blogs

Go to Google Blog Search and find the popular blogs in your niche. Now look at their most popular posts and the posts that get high number of the comments. If you use the ideas in those popular posts, you can easily write your own next post without problem.

  1. Browse article directories

Article directories are you’re the pool of constantly streaming ideas at your fingertips. The best thing about the article directories is that they cover almost all niches in existence. So, you shouldn’t have any kind of problem in finding an idea for your next post. Simply take the look at those article directories and find out what expert authors are writing.

Blogging Suggestion:

  1. Browse question and answer websites

Question and the answer websites such as Yahoo Answer will give you plenty of ideas for your next post. They have millions of the questions and answers stored in their database. You just need to search for the questions related with the niche that you enter. Simply take the one question from Yahoo Answers, and try to answer that question in the form of the blog post.

  1. Start Reading books on the same topic

If you really love your niche, you should probably have some books about the relative topic. You can re-read those books to find the new ideas or you can grab a new book to read. Just spend at least 60 minutes of reading and your mind will begin to overflow with the ideas again. Another alternative way is to use the Amazon to find books related to your niche. Then, you can take the peek inside the book (Amazon has a feature to preview books in their listing). This will give you another of stream of ideas to write.

Those are the some things that you can do to refresh your mind with the ideas for your next post. Writing the post regularly is important if you want to grow your blog audience.

All these tips will help you to find the ideas to write on your blog. Join Facebook Group and share your stories with me !


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