Formal Language

Hey my name is Junaid. In this article I will like to explain you about the formal language for formal writing.  Formal language is also the part of business communication. Formal language can be verbal or spoken.

The language which we used for the professional communication is called formal language. There is no slang word is used in this. There no emotion, expression and feelings are expressed. This language shows the confidence of nominated company.

You observed that in your daily life, there are many brands which are become our need to be utilized. If you check their wrappers there are few sentences written. Which explain the overview of the product. They never used the word “You”,”I”,”am” or any personal nomination.

These are the strategies for formal writing which professional organization used. There is no ambiguous word is used in sentences. You must also observe that they explain the entire thing in just three to four lines. Because more sentences can confused the reader to understand the message.

Always try to write long sentences but only few lines. In which you can explain the entire context. Formal writing is not used to write summaries, it’s used for proposals, invitations and brand promotion advertisements. Formal writing is the professional skill. Every company has its own way to write formal things.

Such as you can observed, every university and college, write letters in different formats. Because they have their own rules and regulations. Their no such international rules for formal writing. So don’t be confused in this. You can learn the tactics from the other professional how to write.


To write formal letter you have to expert in formal writing. Because without formal writing any business domain can faced the failure and for this you have to used formal language. If you are professional and you don’t know how to write, it’s really negative impact on your customers. Titles and descriptions are the major thing of any product to convince customer for investment. So write wisely whenever you concerned. You can join my Facebook Group also.


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