Formal Letter

Hey mu name is Junaid shahid and today I will write an article in Business Communication category. We will discuss formal letter which is most important factor in business communication. In your daily life you observed that, business organization when write letter that is not like casual. Because they are representing an organization which have some impact on market as the stake holder.


Formal letters are used to convey messages to other business domain or any organization. Such as If I want to do study further so I have to write a letter for university for inquiry. But in formal language which is used in formal letters. In formal letters you have to very wisely select the words to convey your message. The formal letter must be having following qualities.

  • Completeness
  • Conciseness
  • Clarity In message
  • Cohesive Tone
  • Create Favorable Impression
  • Courtesy Toward Others
  • Concurrent

These all qualities are also known as the seven c’s. Because all the attributes of formal letter writing is begin with letter C. each C is very important in formal letter writing. Because when they all together they can convince anyone according to your desire.

Formal Letter used in following domains

  • Enterprises
  • Business Organizations
  • Companies
  • Collages
  • Universities

I can list many domains but the main point is the business. In simple words all the domains which are doing business, utilized the formal letter for their communication. The beneficial point is, you can improve your writing skills and become better writer. By letter writing you can build human relations too.


I hope this is very informative for you to understand the formal letter. Formal writing is separate domain to discuss. This is verbal communication source between business domains. By this they share their ideas, promotion strategies and business trends. You can share your views in comments and join my Facebook Group.


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