Formal Writing

Hey my name is Junaid Shahid. Today I will explain you about the formal writing. Basically it is used to write the formal letter for business communication. Without formal writing skills you can’t achieve the formal letter goals.


The way of writing letter which is written for the professional purposes is called formal writing. In this you have to select words wisely. No relations and emotions are reflected in words. Formal writing is reflecting thoughts of some company or organization so you must very careful about your tone of words. Aggressive tone has always bad impact but polite and humble tone is positive effect on the business.

In formal writing we will not summaries the content.  You will elaborate clearly but in minimum words what you want to convey. Never misspell any name or title. Because it will become the cause of confusion for the reader.

Tip: Assumed that your reader have long time passed to read anything so it’s time for some refreshment.

The name, titles and products or like these things you have to use first letter as the capital to reflect difference in formal letter. Proof reading is also the part of formal writing skills. So read 2 to 3 time after completing the letter.

Formal Writing Tips:

  • Avoid slang language and phrases in formal writing. Like ok, LOL, WC etc.
  • Use words instead of numbers unless they are more than 3 digits. Like one, fourteen etc.
  • Avoid the nominative phrases like I, am, me, this or that etc.
  • Avoid you, when discussing with second person in letters.
  • Avoid profanity.
  • Avoid including comments and quotes.
  • Attempt to use a sophisticated and affective vocabulary but remember your own words only.

Formal writing is not like the personal writing style. There no contradictions in phrases or the words. Long sentences are more liked then the short once. This is descriptive and defined way to convey your letter for the business communication among enterprises.


The style of professional letter writing is formal writing. I hope this is very informative to you. You can write an effective formal letter by following the tips above. The fact of writing is that you can become better writer and start blogging to earn some money. If you have any kind of query you are welcome. Kindly Join my Facebook Group.


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