Free Blogging Sites

Hey my name is Junaid Shahid. Today am going to share with you “free blogging sites”. This helps you very much in the beginning of your blogging career. There are many free blogging sites which give you feasibility of creating free blog. There are many people who are just started their blogging career with free blogging sites and after some time they start earning from them.

The best feature of free blogging sites are, they don’t forced you to invest a single penny for anything. The normal strategy which is casually followed by others are, first build a blog on free blogging sites and then covert it into website. But after earning from the blog. It’s mean create traffic on your blog and then invest after earn.

Am going to share the list of free blogging sites which helps you very much in the beginning and earning from blogging. There are many blogging platforms. But which one is better to choose is difficult. In the end am sure you are able to choose wisely and start blogging. Remember one thing always that to become blogger you need to become better writer first.

Free Blogging Sites


On the top of the list there is always blogger or BlogSpot. Because it is another feature of Google and its provide you adsense application from inside of it’s dashboard. The main tip is that when someone creates blog on blogger, Google will automatically start indexing pages and blog is automatically start ranked. What I analyzed is that if you have blog on blogger Google will approve you earlier for Google adsense program.


After that there is WordPress comes. Most of the time WordPress is used by housewife’s and personal bloggers who share their personal experience with other. But the truth is that WordPress blogs ratio is very less against the blogger blogs. Its mean more people prefer blogger. But on the European countries they prefer WordPress for the blogging purpose. Because WordPress gives you frond end designing feature which is not available in blogger. On other hand if you have WordPress blog you can easily switch to WordPress website and enhanced your website features quickly.


There are many blogger who recommend using wix. But am not here to recommend am just informed you about wix. It also a free blogging platform like other but mostly similar to WordPress. Wix provide you to create your own website in simple clicks. You can also create blog in quick clicks like a survey. Wix also provide you the front end designing feature.

Final words

I tried my best to explain my experience with you about blogging platforms. These are three free blogging sites which I consider. What I recommend is blogger, but if you like to go other you can. Because they are also good but according to Google Adsense Program and Search Engine Optimization blogger is best sort of blogging platform to start blogging and become blogger. If you think this is ambiguous please let me know about your thoughts.


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