Generate Potential Traffic

Every blogger desire to generate potential traffic, but it’s not easy to archive. You have to spend lot of time in blogging to become brand, without the brand name it’s impossible to generate potential traffic. I observed that every blogger who have potential traffic to the blog is now the brand of blogosphere.

Neil is the name of brand in USA and also nominated as the young 100 entrepreneur by the Ex presented – Obama.

This is not why he is doing blogging, it’s because he is the brand who generated potential traffic in the short time which is the great achievement. There are many name’s which I can tag in the post like the Harsh & Kulwant who are also the well known blogging brand in the Asia blogosphere.

Finally they generated potential traffic from their words, but what is the main point why they get this?

There are many secretes, which I can share with you but the most amazing one is the most simpler one and that is blog commenting, from the name this strategy is very simple and you are assuming that it’s will not affect website traffic. But indeed trust me you can generate potential traffic from blog commenting more than 80 percent.

Why Generate Potential Traffic

As much your traffic is increased your direct sales ratio and advert sales will be increased gradually along with you ranking, in other words you can understand that, if you will be successful to generate potential traffic all the website factors then stared increases like the DA, PA, Organic Searches and Social Signals.

Solution to Generate Potential Traffic

I have observed many blogger used only two strategies to get ranked. First is the blog commenting and other one is the guest blogging, I have read much fake news about these both strategies. Some of newbie are start writing on the fake news try to get attention but its wrong.

In some forums, blogger said use of commentluv is great for generate potential traffic but in the future it will become the cause of the spam. Which is absolutely wrong, even that many pioneer blogger’s are using this amazing plugin to build their own network with other bloggers.

You have read many posts about the negative impact on the guest blogging but indeed you have to know that, as much you will give the dofollow link to the authority and relative sites your rank is automatically increased. Some of blogger advise to use minimum one link of the Wikipedia in their blog post to make the article more authentic and researchable.

My Opinion

I have very short time for the blogging, but I will advise you to do blog commenting daily and start guest blogging apart writing your own post. You can get daily thousands of page views by just one guest blog post on the high authority blog, in other words try to get guest post on those blog which have already generated potential traffic.

I have prepared the list of some commentluv blog, which are really effective to increase website traffic. There are 79 blog if you will do one comment daily on that blogs you can assume that you will enjoyed 79 visits and lot of readership. By just the blog commenting you will get daily potential traffic and permanent readership.

Now your turn

What you think, commentluv blogs are really effective to generate potential traffic.

What’s your experience about the guest blogging and blog commenting.

Share your opinion on what your favorite way to generate potential traffic.


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