Do you use social media? Yeah!, You should. After all, since there are 2.3 billion active social media users. You can use social media sites for variety of reasons.

If you are blogger or website creator, you can draw attention to your site. In the addition, you can use social media to draw attention to any cause you believe in or share personal news. Also, you can use social sites to find like-minded users who can share your interests. You can even try to market product using social sites.

Just One Simple Tip

There are many ways to get more attention on social media sites by following the one simple tip: Look at your analytics at the various social media sites you used. This step in your social media strategy is free of cost, easy, and quick to follow. The business dashboards contain the analytics and most social media sites have business dashboards for their users.

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The business dashboard is an easy-to-read the data visualization tool that displays your performance. Every social media site has dashboard that displays the data. By looking at the data, you can repeat your effectiveness at those social sites. Here are examples of how you can step up your social media strategy by looking at the analytics.

  • Twittersocial media tweeter

When you will go to your Twitter account dashboard, you will see your analytics near your profile picture. You have to make sure that you tweet at the time when you are the most effective, for maximum attention on Twitter. Autoschedulers like Hootsuite and Buffer are available in the case in which you can’t be at the computer on the effective time.

With 320 million monthly users, capitalizing on your previous Twitter successes is great way to get more online attention.

  • Pinterest social media pin

When you will go into your Pinterest account, you will see “Analytics” in the upper left corner. Then Click it.

Your Pinterest analytics show your pin that’s the most popular with “pinners” in last month. If you want to get more attention on the Pinterest, you need to make more pins like your most popular pins since that’s what your Pinterest followers enjoy seeing that again.

  • Facebook 

Many website creators have pages for their own online businesses. Facebook has over one billion users around the world. By paying close attention to their analytics, content creators can replicate successes on this popular social media media facebook 1

Click the name of your page. Then click the “Insights”.social media facebook 2

You see my analytics in the screenshot above. Facebook users were more engaged with my writing than they were the previous week. I need to be repeating the content I’m posting, and I should continue to see increased engagement results.

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  • Google+

When you are logged into your Google’s account, you will see your notifications next to your profile picture of Google Plus. Click on red media google1

By looking at my own Google+ analytics, you can see that one person “+1’d” my secret programming article. At Google+, “+1” means that they are recommending my article to their followers.

This one person is interested in my content. If I want more social shares, I should write more content like this to engage. Since he already shared this article, I can expect he will share more and like it.


There is a whole host of the reasons to use social media sites. If you are website creator, research exists which point to added benefits to following these tips. In addition to getting more online attention, your website will rank higher on the search engines. Also, the more people who find you at social media sites, the more possibilities you have of users sharing your articles with their social media sites followers. This, in turn, creates even more online attention for your sites.

As the diverse as all our backgrounds are, there are benefits at social media sites for everyone. Online attention can only scratch the surface. Readers of my blog know I always look at the dashboards on social media sites in order to repeat my successes there.

To boost your effectiveness at the social media sites, you should implement the strategy. This post will suggested following one step in that strategy – look at your analytics. At most social sites, they can be found in your dashboard. For this reason, your social media success can might be found there too. Now it’s your turn to share your stories with me, Join my Facebook Group and met professional minded personalities.


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