Google Adsense Pin

Hey I am Junaid Shahid, today I have something new for you. Today I received google adsense pin after a long time. When I wake up, my mother said there is a letter for you. When I saw that letter it is from google adsense program. There are many bloggers or website owners who are using google adsense program, they mostly complained that google adsense program hold their payment just because of google adsense pin verification.

Google Adsense Pin

How to request pin

Most of time when your google adsense program account reached above from 10$, it will automatically generated the secret code which is called google adsense pin to just verified, that the owner of account is really exist or not. It takes 2 – 5 weeks to arrive on the given address according to the location of owner.

Sometime user filled the wrong address initially and when they reached the limit of google adsense pin, the code is automatically generated and delivered to the wrong address. If you are in the same situation then don’t worried about this because you have still a chance. After 1 moth when you don’t received the pin because of wrong address you can change your address and request the pin manually again. It will take 1 month to reach to your address.

I have requested on 13 November and received my own google adsense pin today which means 02 December. In my case it takes 19 days. Some time you will not received the pin in first request. You need to request again and again until you finally got the pin. I have requested 3 times and on 3rd time finally I received it.

Google Adsense Pin

Why Google Adsense Pin is important

Google adsense program will not allow any user to receive the payment until they will verify themselves. If your google adsense pin is not verified under the due date which is showing the account, then your adsense account will permanently disabled. And your all earned money is lost. So beware to be involved in such cases or don’t follow any trick maker because they all tricked your money.

There are many blogger who just inspired from other bloggers and tried to become popular by copy paste other content. This is not a right way because google will not give you any credit on plagiarized content. Always right your own content if you can’t then hire any better writer who writes for you.

Final words

If you are facing any problem against adsense then leave your comment below I will answer that. If you found any ambiguity in my content please let me know to improve my content. User participation is most important for any blogger so please share it if you like my tips. Google adsense pin is the first step for payment. Without this you will not received any payment. So be original and clean the copycats from Google.


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