How To Get More Views On YouTube

I know, now days their are many entrepreneurs come around on YouTube and showing their skills. That’s why beginner have one question in mind, How To Get More Views On YouTube. Which is simple to answer but hard to implement. That’s why I’m introducing the way to make it simple.

Recently YouTube announced that every newbie need 10,000 views to start the monetization of the videos, so the first step is to make your self eligible for earning before get started with YouTube. I mean you have to first plan how you can be eligible for the YouTube earning program.

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Every person have content to share but it’s hard to get targeted audience, just imagine that you uploaded a video today and tomorrow it’s on the YouTube trends.

But how?

The answer is, Simple give traffic boost. I’m using this method too for my own YouTube channel. I have created many channels on the YouTube but failed, just because I don’t have my own content. I’m always uploaded other’s videos that’s why get banned many times. But now I have the solid formula. That’s why now I’m explaining this.

Get 100 Views Daily !

Now you can get the 100 of views per video on daily basis, so if we calculate then it’s mean 10 videos uploaded and get 100 views per video daily then we can achieved 10,000 views in 10 days. The best part is that you will never get banned, even that I have seen some official YouTube channels which I don’t want to reveal are using this method.

Join TE Sites (Traffic Exchange)

First you have to join some of TE sites, which are hard to find because some of them are faked and if not fake then they don’t worked for YouTube. Here is the one of best platform hitleap.

You can join this platform by going to their homepage¬†or you can join this from below banner. (It’s pleasure if you join with my banner otherwise you can do it without my referral)

Free Traffic Exchange

After the signup, you have to download the software which is run in the background when you are doing your other tasks in your machine. For that you have to go to the earn tab.

How To Get More Views On YouTube

Then you have to download the software, the software is available for Linux and windows based machines.

How To Get More Views On YouTube

After download you have to install the software, when you have installed this software on the execution you have to give username and password for initialized your login details and then you can earn free minutes in exchange of running this software.

You can use your earned minutes to surf them on YouTube videos to get views. The best part is that hitleap recently updated and still in updates. The current update is that, you can surf or give traffic of 10 second to 60 seconds per visit.

It’s mean if you have 60 minutes then you can used them to get 60 views and each view is of 1¬†minutes.

In the above screenshot you can see that I have more than 500 minutes to used. You can easily get 1000 minutes a day. Which is really useful on many places.

Let’s see how to add videos to get views. You have to go to the website tab where you can add websites, maximum 3 websites or slots you have to add for the surfing. In the below screenshot you can see that how you can add YouTube video link easily according to time per visit you want that other surf.

How To Get More Views On YouTube


There is nothing like fake in this method, I’m sharing the video views screenshot which I have promoted by this method (PROOF VIDEO).

How To Get More Views On YouTube

Any ways, now I’m closing this topic. If you have something better to share your are welcome in the comments.