Bill Gates in his famous ‘content is king’ write up, has said that “CONTENT is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet”. In today’s digital marketing scenario, it is very true to say that content IS king.

But, how to convert content to currency in the right way is the big question. Long back, when marketers discovered the ‘free’ places of direct customer communication, marketing messages quickly became content, and content became the new king.

Now, just making content is not enough. Marketers need to find different ways to get it distributed. Because if content is king – then distribution would be the queen (Jonathan Perelman).

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So for a content to get attention, first you need to have a content marketing strategy. Once you have a strategy, document the strategy as it is pretty much important.

  • Define the mission or goal
  • Understand the personas of target audience
  • Understand what the competitors do
  • Select the platforms for distribution
  • Create interesting content o Producing the right content for the right person at the right time gives you good score.

Keep in mind that quality matters more than quantity. o While creating content, try to hold the attention rather than grabbing attention. There must be a value exchange. Seek out research data and examples. o Use visuals – as statistics reveal that visual content plays a significant role and makes a greater impact.

  • Deploy the content
  • Use SEO, social media to promote the content
  • Measure the success using analytics – Learn from it, optimize and improve
  • Convert and iterate the process

Having said about the strategy, I must also say that we need to build positive, meaningful experiences and not just strategies. The content that you create must be audience-centric. The focus of content marketing is to educate first & sell second (Neil Patel). Also, keep in mind that all content are not evergreen.

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Hats off to the great legend Bill Gates, who, back in 1996, said – “those who succeed will propel the Internet forward as a marketplace of ideas, experiences, and products—a marketplace of content.”

Create great content and get going!


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