3D Circle Like Sony Ericsson

Hey guys, This is Illustrator Tutorial Logo Design Series 5th video, In this video you will see how I will create 3D Circle Like Sony Ericsson named Logo and give final touching to presented and delivered it. Everyone is now looking forwarding to start freelancing and for that you need at-least one skill. I will recommended you to get started with the Illustrator after Photoshop.

Let’s start watching this Illustrator Tutorial to understand how I used the tools to make professional logo from the scratch, how simple text 3D Circle Like Sony Ericsson become fully attractive logo in just few minutes.

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In this video I have used some circles to draw the 3D Circle Like Sony Ericsson logo, you can also create unique logo’s by your own imagination and earn thousands of dollars on freelance.com or on 99designs. I’m sharing my art work through my blog. Keep visiting for upcoming latest logo design tutorials.

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