Increase Website Traffic

The biggest problem of website holder now days are how to increase website traffic. This is not difficult task for anyone, whatever you are blogger or publisher. Basically there are two ways of increase website traffic legally. The first method is advertisement and builds awareness among readers. The second way is to increase organic searches.

There are many ways by which you can easily increase website traffic. These are the best following ways.

By using these all methods you will observe that your organic searches suddenly increased. You can also get new readers, but don’t miss to collect their emails. These all methods will also help you to get ranked in Search engines.

Social network sites

You have to create accounts on all the popular social media sites. To get new readers and promote your content. At least you must have Facebook, tweeter and Google Plus account. Because these are now essential part of every business domain. Social network sites are reality very effective in Google ranking factors.

Get quality backlinks

Backlinks are most common and important thing in the life of every domain. Because backlinks will increased the worth of domain authority and page authority. It’s easy to create backlink but it’s really hard to get quality backlinks. I will recommend you to check commentluv blog list to get some quality backlinks.

High quality content

Remember content is always king. High quality content drives the attention of readers. Unique content have more chances to get rank in search engine instead of plagiarized and low quality content. Quality of content also improved the authority of page. Quality content is very important factor to build the trust of readers.

On Page SEO

To improve the readability and organic searches you need to do On Page SEO. Create On Page SEO checklist and improve your page content with that. This is major factor to increase website traffic. Without on page search engine optimization you can’t rank your content. Let’s start ranking content by On Page SEO.

Off Page SEO

This will increase the awareness of your existence among search engines and other bloggers. This will increase the credibility of website. There are many factors on which you have to work for better off page seo. Now off page search engine optimization is essential part of every website to increase website traffic.

Directory Submission

There are many websites which allow you to add your website along with genre and niche. This is really helpful to get some traffic to your website and build awareness. You can easily submit the link of your site as you submit to search engines. Some directory submission sites have different criteria’s to prevent spammers. It does take some time to get approved by top submission sites. You need to be patient in this process.

Article Submission

This strategy is similar as the directory submission, but difference is occurring on platform. I mean there are some websites which allow you to submit your articles links and articles in them. User of that articles submission site read your articles and links from the archive. It’s become the reason of insane traffic. This is the best opportunity to increase website traffic by just sharing your content on other websites.

Guest Posting

Publish your own content in someone website or blog is known as guest posting. In this you have to contact other website holders and get their permission to write content for them. Every website holder and blogger has some certain criteria and niche of guest posting. If you can satisfied that criteria they will allow you to publish your article in their blog or website. By this strategy you can capture the readers of other bloggers and increase website traffic quickly. Some blogger will allow you direct links to your website home page. You can also submit guest post here.

Sponsor Articles

You can pay money to other bloggers and website holder to write for you and publish on their website or blog. This is same like guest posting but in this strategy you have to pay some amount for the article. You can offer any blogger to write about you site or blog for sharing with their readers. You can sponsor articles to my blog for this you can contact me.

Sponsor Reviews

Another strategy same as the sponsor article, but in this you paid someone to write pros and cons, each and every aspect of your product, blog or website. You can simple understand this is for awareness building. The process is the same you have to pay someone for these works which have high domain authority and high reader trust. Mostly multinational companies and software companies used these strategies to increased their sales and increase website traffic to cash their visitors.

Email Subscription

The most essential part of every website to increase website traffic continually. You can use many ways to get user email subscribe. Basic strategy is to use popup messages to remind reader for subscription. But you can also offer some free E-Books, Software and Share your strategies in the exchange of their emails. Once you have collect original emails, you can easily increase website traffic by sending notification on every new post. So don’t forget to subscribe my blog if you want to increase your sales.


There is nothing like magic for increase website traffic. You have to work really hard to build your audience, long term goals are easy to achieve but short terms goals are really hard to successes in short time. Blogging is not the short term story, so does it slowly and gradually you feel success. Every point for website traffic is the real way to give importance to your reader. Now it’s your turn to share your stories with me and join my Facebook group, kindly subscribe the blog.


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