Informal Language

Hey my name is Junaid. In this article I have to discuss about the informal language. This is used to written the informal letter. As I have discussed informal letters are written to share feelings. They have slang phrases. Which is called informal language, even this article is written in informal way. Free of writing style and conveying the message.


This mean the language which is used to written the informal letters to convey message is called informal language. This language based on slang wording and phrases. Which are used to express the relation and feelings. Such as “I missed you”, “dear brother” etc. in the formal language we tried to neglect the word “You” which means, never try to nominate any person by using words, “I”,”am”,”You” etc. But in the informal language we can use these words to express the feelings toward any person. In other words you can use any word intentionally without any hesitation.


Informal language is not used for the professional letter writing. This is used for the informal communication between friends, relatives, family member’s etc. informal language is free style, and you can use any word to convey your message. In this language the main focus is to convey message not words. So you can include any phrase whatever its slang or not. Such as lolx, blah blah, short form of any sentence or phrase.


I hope you have cleared your concept about informal language which is used in informal letters. In our daily life the language which we used is also the informal languages. Because we can say any work intentionally to anyone. On other hand formal language is scripted such as politician’s speeches. If you have any kind of question regarding this you can ask in comments. You can join my Facebook Group also.


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