informal letter

Hey my name is Junaid. In this article I have to discuss about the informal letter. In business communication there are two types of letter one is formal letter which I have discussed. Other one is informal letter. This letter is opposite of formal letter.


This means any letters which are written to relatives are known as informal letter. In other words the letter contains slang phrases, words and sentences which express emotions and feelings. Such as you have observed whenever you write letter to your parents or siblings you will express your relation, feelings and emotions.


Informal letter are free to write. There is no specific writing style of informal letter that’s why it is informal. This is not used for the professional purpose. You can use local language in informal letters. But in formal letter you are not allowed. That’s why it’s the opposite of formal letter in any sort of comparison.


We can easily differentiate the formal letter and informal letter. Because informal letter contain ambiguous and slang words on other hand formal letter are pure from this. Informal letter contain the emotions and relations but formal letters are not for expression feelings and emotions. Formal letter have specific styles according to the rule of business domain. But informal letter have no rules to be followed its free of writing styles.


It’s all about formality or informality of letters in business communication. Informal letters are written to express the emotions. They are free style, can be used slang language. There are no selective words for informal letters. I hope you have cleared your concept about formal and informal letters. But still if you have any kind of confusion you can freely asked me. Must join my Facebook Group to stay updates with latest articles.


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