Every beginner wanted to get insane traffic, but it’s really hard to maintain. Even that I have learnt from my 1 year blogging careers, consistency matter if you need quality web traffic. I have collected 6 points to share with you.

1Show that you exist – In any social media network, once you join, YOU follow or befriend people first. That is how they know that you are on the site. Similarly, read other blogs, like them, follow them, comment and share. Gradually, people will get to know that your blog exists and reciprocate.

2Networking – Keep going back to blogs that interest you and keep reading them while, keep finding new blogs to read too. Make it a point to read more than you write. This way, visitors will increase and you will bond with some like-minded bloggers overtime. Everyone likes to be visited. Just remember that.


3Publicize – Share your posts in social media and among your friends’ circle. Also use photography oriented apps such as instagram, pinterest etc and link your posts to the related pictures. The more you share them, the more chances of people visiting.

4Content – Write topics that are useful or relatable to the mass. They will automatically visit you if the topic interests them. List posts, ‘How to’ posts, DIY posts and posts related to Fandoms and TV shows are always interesting.

5Catchy Title – Your English teacher always emphasized on this and now you really know how useful that is. The right kind of title will attract people. Lots of sites use clickbaits these days. If your post has worthy content, it doesn’t matter. But if people don’t find any useful content in spite of catchy titles, they will soon learn to ignore it.

6Keywords – Use Keywords in your post – On the title, in the first para and quite often after that. This helps google to sort your post and throw it in the search results when someone asks something relating to the Keyword. This is yet another way people will visit your blog.

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Every aspect which is available free live online is the next opportunity for you, and don’t leave any platform where audience is alive. In which show your content everyday, in average Facebook and every point which is accessible.



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