Installing Android Studio IDE for Windows

Hey guys welcome, I hope you are willing to learn android development, for that’s why in this article we will going to Installing Android Studio IDE for Windows. To get started with development ASAP.

Installing Android Studio IDE for Windows

In the previous Series we have done upto configuration of JDK into Windows, If you are new and don’t setup the JDK properly then must read the last tutorial. Configure JDK For Windows

Because without JDK you can’t run Android studio Properly. So to download the Android studio package go to

If you are working on Windows operating system, you will be taken to Android studio for windows download page. Click on the download Android studio for windows button.Installing Android Studio IDE for Windows

Now the next phase come where you have to be agreed with the licence and terms of the android studio, if you are agreed with them then check the box to activate the download button.Installing Android Studio IDE for Windows

After that you need to click on the download button to start downloading. You can see in the video tutorial how I have downloaded, so don’t worried if you don’t understand my words.

After the downloading of the Android Studio Installer just open that to start the android studio package installation. It prompted with a user account control dialog click next to continue. Then click Next to continue make sure you have all the listed components
selected, then click Next continue. Installing Android Studio IDE for Windows

Once again read the license agreement, if you agree to the terms then click the I agree button. Click once again to continue, keep the default location for the android studio installation.Installing Android Studio IDE for Windows

Click Next to continue on the configuration settings window you may accept the default value of the Intel Haxm or you may use the custom settings to either decrease or increase this value depending on the physical memory available on your machine.Installing Android Studio IDE for Windows

However the recommended value is 2 GB. Therefore I would recommend that to keep the default value of 2 GB remain sames. Click Next to continue, you may check now click the install button to install your Android studio package.

The installation may take some time to complete, click Next, when you see the Android studio setup screen shows the installation complete information.Installing Android Studio IDE for Windows

Click finish to end the installation and launch your Android studio, finally you have installed the Android Studio IDE for Windows, but remember when you run this first time you have to update the Gradle and some essential libraries which will automatically downloaded and updated during the first startup for the IDE.

watch video

I hope you will like this video tutorial, it’s just simple and common procedure for the beginner but in the upcoming articles there is lot of stuff to learn like professionals.


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