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It’s common that the most peoples do not go through the whole article, they go through the titles. Pictures are the aspect that give the whole idea about the content is, because they see only the pictures and would like to go further and in the end making them interested in reading the more. interesting blog post

It also even helps to write contents in the well nice way. You can find many images about any type of the keyword from the screen shot and drawing to fine art and make them more interesting blog postinteresting blog post

The pictures and the diagrams work great to show the main idea of the contents especially, when you are needed to differentiate the one the post from other one.interesting blog post

1Which picture to use

To make the interesting blog post you should select pictures or chose that are related about the thing you’re writing. Take the images as there is not anything that can explain your point of the view in the proper way that is why you should use images. You can draw or shoot your own images and even the resize or edit the images. Most of the time, the title and the related image are showing the importance of the content or the article.

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2Where to look for free pictures

Designing or shooting your own pictures or taking some from the friends is the best way to use pictures but it takes the much time and the money. Flickr is most used world of the images that provide the free copyright allowing any one to use the work freely. It is better than saying one to one for the pictures. interesting blog post

There is also the good way to get unique images that is to allow readers to submit own images. For this purpose, you can provide the submission form for ease. In this way, you can get new and the great images related to your contents.

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3Where to get paid pictures

There are different good and the bad reasons to use paid pictures, you can get quality work easily but on the other than, you also have to pay the big money and the quality images are not cheap. You can get paid pictures from iStock having the lot of image catalogs where you have to pay according to size and the high quality work has big price. This is the best source to find relevant images for the interesting blog post because there you will find the highly professional pics. Most of bloggers do not get such paid images and get free licensed or create their own images. interesting blog post

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4Size and orientation

I’ve practiced with the many sizes, but here are some of sizes I am confident for, fit them in 600px X 600px for the full page width size, and 450px X 450px for the square size. Mostly the width of the page size of most website is 600px wide, you can use other sizes as I have mentioned above. The main reason that make them bigger than 600px wide make them bigger than the page width that not looks good with 13 inch screen. It is good to use the images in between the text. interesting blog post

5Linking and titles

Enter-linking your images to some related contents is the nice way of sharing visitors within your bog, or to some other blogs that you want to be familiar with you. In your posts, you can also make the images linked to the related sites. It is not of doubt that it take some time and the concentration but it has big value, even if you do image linking (internal linking) within your own site. interesting blog post

It is the good practice to give the proper title (ALT text) to your images when using in the posts. You would ever observed that in the Google’s image search that the keyword you try to find is also the title of the image. So if you give proper title for the images with related details, then where you blog get promotion, so your images hopefully will also get recognized by the Google image search. interesting blog post

6Managing the images

There is the tip, other than uploading all image files to your server and resizing them separately in the WordPress, there are some image managing softwares to organize and synchronize to more than the one computer. Dropbox is the mostly used as the image management software. There’re the number of image file management softwares, for example Aperture or the Lightroom, and you can make all images of same size as you wanted. You also don’t need to store them in your own computer.

You can also use the watermark in the images to protect them for your blog. There is not any alternative way like scripting to stop people using your images.

Now your Turn !! interesting blog post

Share your thoughts that how much important do you consider the images in the post? How much time do you spend on the finding appropriate Image? Which is your favorite place to find the Images? (except the iStock ). interesting blog post

Your answers will help other readers to enjoy this article more deeply.


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