If you are the beginner in blogging career and not using keyword planner. Trust me you are missing lot of things. Which can happen with you, I mean by lot of insane traffic. This is not just mouth of words, you can realize after implement keyword planner.


Google is amazing company which provides you so many features. Some of us even don’t know all the projects which are owned by Google. One of them is keyword planner. This is used to planning keywords. Every successful blogger recommend using this tool. The best feature of this tool is that, it is free of cost.

Now what you need, just go ahead and try it once. But how, let me tell you all the procedure after explaining its all the features. With keyword planner you can select the topics on which you can write. Because It will tells you the traffic matrix against the topics and also gives you an idea about the traffic or searches on that topic. This will become cause of creative article generation.

It’s become easy to write about anything, which future and present aspects are well knows. With the help of keyword planner you can also get the information of competition of ranking. Which mean you can select the topics and keyword wisely to get insane traffic from search engines.

Access Keyword Planner

Before get started with keyword planner, you need Gmail id. Because this tool is owned by Google and for access of every Google product you need Gmail id.

  • Go to the adwords.google.com, register an account there.
  • Select the tool from the above tab.
  • Then hit keyword planner.

This is how keyword planner looks like. Now you have observed there are three tabs of this. These are used to plan keywords.

keyword planner

Start Using Keyword Planner

I will go through with them in the sequence so that you can understand purpose of each tab.

The first tab is basically is used find the analytical report of any keyword. You can also select the criteria to refine the results according to your desire. You can set the following to get the required result.

keyword planner

  • Targeted website
  • Targeted niche
  • Targeted location or country
  • Targeted language
  • Targeted search engine
  • Native keywords
  • Range of the date
  • Extra phrases

The other aspect of keyword planner first tool is that you can get relative keywords also. These will helps you lot to write related data. Every keyword report included.

keyword planner

  • Average searches
  • Competition
  • Suggested bid
  • Advert impression
  • Related keywords

The second tab provides you basic feature of analytical data and trends. Here you can also set the criteria same as above. But the resultant wills only the information. This will helps you to understand future searching of any keyword. With the help of this tool you will not extract any relative keyword.

keyword planner

The third tab provides you the multiple keywords by making all possible combination of given keywords. This can became cause of new ideas for writing. You can also set the keyword criteria.

keyword planner


But in the last I will recommend you to use the first tool of keyword planner if you want some good results. Because keyword planner can give you lot of things which can’t imagine. I am using this tool for the sake of traffic from search engine and it’s really effective. Now it’s your turn to prove its reliability. You can also join my Facebook Group.


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