Keyword Research Tools

Online commerce has been growing tremendously and the Smartphone market getting saturated in every hands around the Globe. The business and transactions are becoming very much easier for the client who is starting for the new rounds in their business. The startups companies are growing large around the worldwide and here is the Secret of Success.

Every website owner’s important challenge is the Keyword Discovery for their projects. I would like to share the free keyword research tools we (even my friends) have been using this to find the right keywords for their online projects and niche websites.

1) Dig Your Brain

The very first, the best but not much used is the Brain. Whenever you start researching take paper and write all the possible keywords comes to your mind. Be like the visitor of your website and find your needs which will tail you to the many new treasure keywords. Believe me some of the keywords could be completely new and not even in the Google database or any other. You can convert this undiscovered keyword to the Golden egg with proper marketing.

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2) Google Keyword Planner

This is most used one since it is from thr Google and the keyword planner comes under Tools from Adwords which can be used only after the login. You will have 3 options here.

  • Search for the new keywords using the phrase, website or category
  • Get Search volume data and trends (** Most used ever**)
  • Multiply Keyword lists to get new possible keywords

The keyword planner is much easier category if you are going through each option. You can discover new keyword ideas from the Google. The second option is widely used where everyone enters their own keyword list, get traffic and the trends data.


This is the leading tool came after the Uber Suggest. But the interface is the best and clean than Uber suggest. You can try for every possible keyword and get the big list of keywords list. They will just Google the keyword, which you gave and fetch the every possible suggested phrases. They has paid plan too which gives you the possible list of result and the free plan is quiet good to play most of time.

4) Ubersuggest

The free first kind of guys to give the Google suggest phrases based on targeted main keyword. Still king of the keyword discovery tools and used by many IM guys.

Another basic which is worth to try out it. I even find some rare keywords using this tool and make more traffic to your websites by using this.

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6) Look Around

Go through the forums regularly and other blog comments. Analyze the queries and answers which will give you the new keyword ideas like “How to” some of good long title here.

Summing Up Together

I am the summing up basic typical process in the keyword discovery.

  •  Going with every possible keyword from your brain
  •  Go through the online like forum for discussion portal and add more keyword ideas.
  • Try the every possible keyword in and finally copy all keywords.
  • Use the Google Keyword Planner, paste all the collected keywords including your own set.
  • Sorted the list based on your local search or the global search. Pick the medium or low competitive keywords.
  • Identify the possible negative keywords or low performing keywords and make the final keyword list for you niche or the project website.

If you are ready to spend the money, I would suggest you to try LongtailPro trail which comes for the 7 days. You can get the seeded keyword ideas instead of using the Keyword planner. Utilize the longtailpro, where the keyword planner is built in additional features like thr Keyword competitiveness factors and title competition can be analyzed. It cost 47 usd dollars for onetime payment is no longer available. You have to opt in for monthly subscription for 297 usd dollars for onetime payment.

I will update you soon with some real niche website which are in walk through for the keyword discovered and ranking top in the Google Algorithm, I hope you have learn lot of things and share it with your friends. But don’t forget to join my Facebook Group.


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