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learn programming

Hey my name is Junaid, today I am sharing another aspect of learn programming. I will like to teach you about c programming language from top to bottom. Each and everything which you even don’t know. There are many websites and bloggers who are writing tutorials on programming languages. But what I think they don’t guide beginners rightly because beginner is concept less. They don’t know what the essentials of programming are. But tutorials provider treat them as they know each and every think, they should need to review them once again. That’s not really truth. That’s why I feel beginner need right way which I will provide them in this series of articles along with examples and video tutorials. To deliver each and everything in right manner.

Learn programming

This not difficult task for anyone to learn programming. If you have right path and working in right manner you can learn programming in few hours. If you will go through this series of learn programming you will surely learn many things which you even never hear. Because convey the concepts of books are easy but convey the practical concept of programming is different. I will give you practical demonstration and example codes with references. In this sense you can learn programming quickly.

Startup in Programming

I will like to take initiative with C programming Language. Because it’s the mother language of all programming languages. if you are once master in C programming language trust me you can learn all programming languages In couple of hours. Because they main logic and concept behind every programming language is same. The difference comes in their extreme levels like C programming language is not secure but C++ is secure than C. But C is the best option for take startup and initiative to learn programming.

C Programming Basics

The basic structure of all programming languages is almost same. Like you need a header file which is like resource and reference. Then main body is come in which you have to give instruction and declare are the possible solution of your problems. That’s all you need to create sample program.

Like I want to create sample code in C programming after learn programming, so I will write something like this.

The first line is the header file then body is created. Now if you want to give instructions you have to write solutions or commands inside the body like this.

That’s all, this is sample code which gives you output after executing like this.


Finals words

Thanks you for reading this whole guide for learn programming. This is just beginning I have lot of articles on programming languages along with video lectures with dual languages for Asian and Europe. If you think there is any ambiguity in my guidance kindly pin point so that I can update them. In this guide I have explain about some generic things like programming know how and the sample code with little information to build your interest toward learn programming. Leave you precious comments and reviews about this. Must Join My Facebook Group.


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