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Every blogger want to make money but it is not possible for everyone. The whole concept of the blogging became popular and hit the entire web only just before 7-8 years. Though it can be considered the short time, the World Wide Web is now full of users and the bloggers. Thousands of the Domains gets registered every minute and new blogs with innovative ideas came up.

All these ideas are meant to drive the traffic towards them. Though, I benefited using some of them.

As every blogger, I too had dreams of making huge revenue from the blogging or Make Money by Writing which doesn’t ever come in overnight. So I started the freelancing which has also many debug. It’s becoming very difficult to find the clients with good budget to the business. So I started searching for some sites that pay me for my work and I made the list of them.

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Make Money by Writing Article

Though most of bloggers have rich quality posts on their blogs, some of them can’t make the expected income. So you can submit your articles in the some website and they’ll instantly pay you. It’s sound Cool right?

PSD Tuts+

If you are familiar with the Photoshop, so you are definitely with PSD Tuts+. We can find the interesting and awesome content on it. All of them are written by the Photoshop experts beside you and me. You’ll have to create the cool Photoshop tutorial and submit. You can get Make Money by Writing more than $50 via the Paypal.

Writers Weekly

You might have the good experience in making money online and you might have used to generate income. You can use same to fill your pockets again. You are supposed to write on the “Making Money Online” and if they like your tut, they’ll pay you around the $40-60 per article.


While searching for some blogging or the design tutorials, I’m sure you had seen this on first page itself. 1stWebDesigner is the huge site and accepts paid posts on Blogging and Design tutorials as mentioned earlier. It pays you via the paypal and you can get more than $50 per article.

Rock Solid Finance

Alert all the business people. Here’s the one for you. Write the 400-1000 worded article on the business issues or solutions and you’ll get $50 instantly once your post is accepted by rock solid finance.

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WP Web Host

Good news for the WordPress Webmasters. This site is searching for you and is ready to pay around $100 for the single article. But quality matters a lot here as it’s paying you high just because of quality.

Theme Forest

Theme Forest is the one of the best and finest WordPress theme developers on web. It accepts the paid posts on Web Designing and Development. You can also work as the developer for them. But for the articles, they’ll transfer upto $100 to your PayPal account.

Smashing Magazine

As name itself, this site is totally awesome. It has the huge network and is the number one web design blog online. Once you article is accepted, you can get the high exposure with pocketful of pennies.


MakeUseOf is one of a best Tech blog online. It subscriber count hits 4M and your article will be taken all of them, if it is published. MakeUseOf is looking for the high quality articles and is ready to pay you $50/article.


TheTechLabs is looking out for the Adobe software experts. You can write upto your knowledge on them and you can earn upto $50-75 per a single article.

The Change Agent

This Adult Education Publication pays you $50 per article of 400-1000 words post. Though your post has high quality and has more than 1000 words, you’ll be paid with the same amount every time.

So these are the high traffic high authority sites from where you can Make Money by writing easily. Don’t forget to share your stories, join Facebook group and subscribe the news feed.


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